Let’s start with the main thing – what are they, Moroccans? I concluded that they are a very sincere and kind people. They like to chat on different topics, ask questions. Do not be afraid to communicate – if a Moroccan likes you, you will be a welcome guest, and he will certainly be happy to provide help or service – for free! But keep in mind that a lot of people, having provided a service, can ask for money for this – always have small bills and coins to thank you. This is the norm here.

Moroccans also feel very aggressive and not respectful, be careful. Once I got nervous in the market and started swearing in Russian. The Moroccan understood what was the matter, an immediate response was received in Arabic. For example, in India this would not have happened, but here you can get a “return” very quickly.



I was not enthusiastic about the cuisine – there is nothing special for which Moroccan cuisine can be distinguished. Basically, this is a traditional dish that is cooked in the national dish tagin – vegetables or vegetables with meat, fish. They use little spices and salt, so the food seems bland.

The price tag for food in tourist areas is higher than in Europe – 20-30 euros per meal. The ideal option is sometimes to buy groceries in the supermarket or at the market (by the way, going to the market is a separate experience!): Fresh fruits, vegetables, homemade cheeses, dried fruits and wine. If you live in a riad, remember that there is a kitchen and a lovely rooftop terrace where you can spend the evening with a glass of wine.



Without a minimum of French, it will be very difficult to tour Morocco. English is understood by a few, take into account this fact, prepare in advance. The country has 2 official languages ​​- Arabic and French. But Arabic is precisely with the Moroccan dialect. If I needed to explain myself, I used a google translator on my phone 🙂 The application works offline, which is very convenient.



I’ll tell you an illustrative story. A friend of mine bought a small bottle of indigo paint for AED 200, starting at AED 800. Elsewhere she was offered to buy the same volume for 20 dirhams, that is, 10 times cheaper. Conclusion – bargain at least 50% of the price, and sometimes set the price 4-5 times less! Do not buy anything in the most touristy places and in the center of the medina. It is worth going to the outskirts of the medina, away from the crowds of tourists, and the prices are lower and they are more willing to bargain!

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