There are many cities in the U.S. where sights can tickle your nerves. Especially for thrill-seekers, we’ve compiled a list of ten scary places in America that are full of mysteries and mystical secrets, those that are home to scary, and maybe even cute, ghosts. So, ghost hunters, are you ready?

Savannah, Georgia


This city is at the top of our list. Even the American Institute of Parapsychology considers Savannah to have the highest number of ghosts in the country. It’s a favorite spot for Americans to celebrate Halloween and meet the spirits of Civil War heroes and General Sherman himself.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


The town of Gettysburg is still experiencing increased paranormal activity. The fact is that during the Civil War, the bloodiest battle in the history of the war was fought here. During the battle more than fifty thousand soldiers died. Their spirits and the shadow of the battle itself still hang in the air over the city. In addition, there have been many recorded sightings of ghosts in various places, including both soldiers who died in the battle and General Robert E. Lee, the commander of the battle and who was killed on the battlefield.

Salem, Mass


This town has gained fame as the “City of Witches.” Back in 1692, Salem was the site of a high-profile trial of women suspected of witchcraft and magic. Nineteen witches were sentenced to death by hanging. It is said that after their execution their souls did not leave this world, but roamed the streets, catching and punishing their judges. Even today on holidays they fly to coven, scaring the guests in public places. Apparently looking for justice.

New Orleans, Louisiana


The city of New Orleans is familiar to every American as a city of the voodoo religion. Even today voodoo is worshipped here, and the old neighborhoods are even shrouded in mysticism. Who doesn’t know voodoo queen Marie Laveau, a legendary figure who has led more than one governor and anyone who got in her way to the grave. Rumor has it that she is not dead at all. Many claim to have seen the Queen and the procession of the dead through the cemetery and the city’s night streets. And St. Louis Cemetery itself is generally the most haunted place in New Orleans.

San Antonio, Texas


The most haunted city in Texas is San Antonio. Years ago 10 children and the driver were killed in an accident on the city’s railroad tracks. They say the place is simply inhabited by their spirits. And some claim that something pushes their cars to a safe distance, as if to warn them of danger. And many otherworldly spirits also reside in the old fort where the famous Battle of the Alamo took place.

St. Augustine, Florida


It was one of the first, one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is famous for its ghosts and associated sites. One of them is the old Gastillo San Marcos fort, which is shaped like a star. In this fort and in the thick walls of centuries-old dwellings lies the true soul of St. Augustine. Once upon a time a couple of adulterers were walled up alive in the walls of the fort. Visitors to the fort saw their ghosts holding hands. Many restless ghosts roam the Huguenot cemetery, which frightens tourists, and the St. Francis Inn. But most importantly, most of their ghosts are women.

Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston is said to have more ghosts than living locals. The city is old, with ancient architecture. Many who have visited it have encountered a number of unexplained phenomena. Especially a lot of them in the old hotels. For example, in room 203 of the Battery Carriage House Inn guests met with the ghost of a young girl. And others have noticed that their belongings are missing. Experts that deal with the paranormal phenomena not once recorded the presence of otherworldly forces with the help of special detectors of ghosts.

Chicago, Michigan


In Chicago, there are also quite a few places where you can meet ghosts. For example, Chicago’s Water Tower, where at night you can see the ghost of a hanged man at the very top. Or the infamous Hull House Mansion, where a child devil is said to have lived. Many ghosts roam the Chicago Historical Museum, which many years ago served as a temporary morgue. At Excalibur Nightclub, visitors were spooked by strange paranormal phenomena: stains on the walls appeared out of the blue, or ghosts in red robes roamed. Famous for the ghosts and the theater “Iroquois”, in which 600 people burned alive. And the employees of hotels “Metropol” and “Lexington” said that they often saw the ghost of America’s chief gangster – Al Capone. After all, not once has he arranged a meeting with his “colleagues” in the elite hotels of Chicago.


San Francisco, California

Paranormal phenomena have been recorded in San Francisco more than once. Thus, the owner of one of the nightclubs caught on camera the ghost of a little girl in a white dress. When the guests of the club disperse, it runs and frolics in it. It is strange that no other ghosts were observed in this club. After all, according to its owner, the place of the club used to be a morgue and there must be more ghosts. Tourists are often frightened by the ghosts of Alcatraz prison. Many years ago, it housed particularly dangerous criminals, Al Capone himself served time. Now it’s a museum. But its visitors have seen ghosts here and even heard voices in the cells, which are now empty.

Portland, Oregon


Portland was home to one of the largest seaports in the early 19th century. There’s the famous Shanghai Tunnel there, which was supposedly used to ship kidnapped people as slaves and prostitutes to the Orient. Many claim that the spirits of the disappeared wander through this tunnel without a trace. The historic Pittock Mansion, Baghdad Theater, the White Eagle Tavern and many other ancient establishments of the city are also steeped in mysticism.

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