Yes, it’s true!

As you know that, Las Vegas is the hottest place to party, and it is known as the gambling capital of the world. So, I was in Las Vegas with my friends for a party at the nightclubs there. Moreover! All night, a party was going on, and at morning, I was like, I have eaten nothing at night. Even, I had a lot of good food, and drink that night. But, I was very hungry next morning. Then again! So, I went outside with my friends. When I went, I was so surprised to see a lot of variety of breakfast. Usually! I asked the citizen there, what are the best breakfast in Las Vegas? He smiled, and said, there are a lot of best breakfast in Las Vegas, and you will be confused, what to eat or what not to eat! I was surprised! And He was right! When I entered the market, I was seriously confused that what are the best breakfast in Las Vegas? You might be wondering that! The food selection was actually very difficult. I was very amazed to see a lot of food. Oh, that food! I am still missing that food. I am explaining you the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

OMG! Influence of Food in Las Vegas!

In other words! Las Vegas had about 40 million visitors last year, and those visitors all had to eat while they were here. With numbers like that, it means there are some staggering statistics when it comes to the amount of food Las Vegas restaurants produce and serve. You know! We’ve got buffets that offer 500 types of food, and we’ve got restaurants that serve more than 70,000 pizzas in a year.

Wanna know the best Breakfast in Las Vegas?

You know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Las Vegas has its fair share of great places to start the day or even recuperate from the night before.

Here’s the list of some best breakfast in Las Vegas.

1. The Key Largo Crepe


Picture this! The egg, and I and other eggs work around the valley provide the delicious crepe to the people. It comes with tomatoes, cheese, bacon, guacamole, smoked turkey, and it topped it with sour cream. Also, add the taste of salsa. One more thing also tops it off with Habla Diablo Bloody Mary, it will give you hang out recovery with a spicy taste.

2. Ri Ra Irish Pub


Have you ever tried Irish breakfast? Let me give you the taste of Irish breakfast. This breakfast is best for those who drank too many pints of Guinness the night before. The Irish breakfast comes with the toast, tomatoes, mushrooms, rashers, and eggs are included in the Irish breakfast.

3.O-shaped Doughnuts


I love coffee, and with coffee, if I will get the doughnuts, then I need nothing! HaHa! Mexican chocolate, bacon apple fritter, vegan apple pie, and mores, these things make my favorite doughnuts. Sometimes, all you need is coffee and delicious doughnuts for your happy mood.

4. Red Velvet Pancakes


Yes! I can eat dessert anytime!

Baby stacks cafe is famous for its Red velvet pancakes. A cream cheese syrup, chocolate crumbles, and fresh whipped cream give birth to the red velvet pancakes.

5. Culinary Dropout


Are you thinking that you will sit in pajamas at home, and eat boring breakfast on Saturday?

Oh, com’on!

Be a man, and head to the Hard Rock hotel and casino, where you can order the Cap’n Crunch Crusted French Toast. Fresh raspberries, custard, and cereal milk will give the best taste to your tongue.

6. The Henry


The cool thing is!

You don’t have to leave the building to grab breakfast. On the ground floor of the Cosmopolitan, you’ll find The Henry, and its Signature Short Rib Benedict, and made with poached eggs, braised short ribs, hollandaise, and crispy potato cakes.

7. Best Pancakes in America


The truth is!

Whatever the time, you happen to wake up, you will definitely get the food at this place. At the Du Par’s Restaurant and Bakery, you can get the best pancakes in America, and it will provide you 24 hours of service.

This vintage diner inside the Golden Gate Casino serves a sky-high stack of golden pancakes that are perfect for soaking up a hangover.

8. Todd English P.U.B



Give me answer!

If you get all the menu on your one drink, then what will your reaction?

Obviously, yes!

You are getting happy about thinking this!

On the weekends, you can check out the restaurant’s Bloody Mary cart as early as 9:30 in the morning. The All About Mary comes with bacon vodka, and an excessive amount of garnish including a bacon cheeseburger slider, a chicken wing, shrimp, and a mini corn dog.

9 Sambalatte


Fact is!

You need caffeine. Badly. Sambalatte’s new location in the Monte Carlo courtyard not only roasts its own coffee beans in-house, it also has the only Steampunk brewing machine in Las Vegas. Think of it as a computerized French press that makes a perfectly consistent cup of java.

10 Hash A Go Go


After a night of sloppy behavior, you’ll need to find a sloppy breakfast. Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict is a scrambled egg combo that’s served on two split biscuits and griddled mashed potatoes.

All in All

It’s easy to impress me. I don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. I’m content.

What I’ve enjoyed most, though, is meeting people who have a real interest in food, and sharing ideas with them. Good food is a global thing, and I find that there is always something new and amazing to learn, I just love it.

Especially in Las Vegas, which is my favorite food place.

Always remember- Good food, good mood!

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