Sunny Beach

What are the most popular seaside resorts in Bulgaria?

The most popular beach resorts in Bulgaria are: Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

Sunny Beach
Golden Sands

It has everything you need for a beach vacation – the warm Black Sea, neat and clean beaches, beautiful nature around.

Bulgaria is also well suited for family holidays. Even if you have very young children. This is because there is a warm, mild climate, and even in the hottest months of summer, there is no intolerable heat. The shores here have a smooth descent and it will be safe for children to swim on such beaches. There is also a large number of attractions and playgrounds.

Attractions in Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is also rich in sights – churches, monasteries, which are worth visiting. This is a very popular destination, and in Bulgaria there are even several unique monasteries that have survived to this day, such as Rila and Bachkovsky.

Rila Monastery
Bachkovo monastery

Shopping and festivals in Bulgaria:

The possibility of shopping in Bulgaria also deserves attention. After all, the prices are especially pleasing there! You will also have the opportunity to visit the many festivals and competitions that Bulgaria hosts. They are dedicated to very different topics: cinema, cartoons and folk crafts, which is not there!

Wellness holidays in Bulgaria:

Among other things, the resorts of Bulgaria can boast of the opportunity to improve their health here. Wellness holidays in Bulgaria are becoming more and more popular in Europe, so you should pay attention to it. There are balneological resorts and mineral and curative mud. And all this comes in addition with a mild and warm climate and beautiful views from the window to the forest and the sea. Health resorts in Bulgaria are also renowned for their warm geysers, fluoride waters that can help you get rid of gastrointestinal problems, and springs that are high in iodine and bromine. With all this diversity, health resorts in Bulgaria are much more affordable than their European counterparts.

Bulgarian cuisine:

The Bulgarian cuisine will also delight you. Hot spices, piquancy of taste, and an abundance of dishes with vegetables are often found here. It is customary to cook food here in open hearths. The most popular dishes of the Bulgarian cuisine are: kebab, fraction sarma (similar to stuffed cabbage), gyuvech (stewed meat), banitsa (pies with feta cheese). Bulgarian cuisine is a bit like Turkish and Balkan cuisine. It boasts a wide variety of cheeses: sheep’s cheese, feta cheese, etc.

Thus, in conclusion, I would like to note that now it is difficult to find a similar range of good quality services at such an affordable price as in the Bulgarian resorts.

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