Undoubtedly, the most popular tourist destination in Canada is Toronto. Thousands of tourists annually visit the sights of the city, stroll along the Canadian streets and feel the unique atmosphere of life in the country. From the point of view of tourism, Toronto is unusually interesting and rich in architectural and historical monuments, but besides this, it has the rhythm of life of a modern metropolis.

Toronto Central Street

Young Street

Like Beijing, Toronto’s Central Street has long been a full-fledged attraction in the eyes of tourists. Due to the daily large crowd of people, about ten years ago, vehicles were banned from entering there. That is why walking in the city center has become a favorite leisure activity among locals. On the street itself, it is almost impossible to find any cultural monuments, but on the other hand, this is a great place for shopping, as well as relaxing in various cafes and restaurants with friends.

Exhibition Center

1556516388_nauchnyy-centr-ontario-v-torontoOntario Science Center in Toronto

One of the world’s largest exhibition centers is located not far from the central part of the city. The building itself contains over 1000 different rooms, and exhibitions are held in 800 halls at the same time. All exhibits are dedicated to a scientific topic. Every day, at a certain time, theatrical performances are also held here, in which visitors can even take part. For example, put on some fun experience.

Historical Museum

1556517974_makenzi-hausMackenzie House Museum

If we talk about the history of the city and the country as a whole, then it is best represented in the house of the first mayor, which in the modern world has been transformed into a historical and architectural museum. Here you can find classic exhibitions of historical exhibits, enjoy walks through the galleries. However, for lovers of more active rest, in certain halls you can taste dishes prepared according to old classic Canadian recipes.

Underground city

1556518103_podzemnyy-gorodok-pathUnderground town PATH

Walking through the central square of Toronto, you should definitely look underground. Not so long ago, architects placed a whole city under its central part, which stretches for several kilometers. It is not known what caused the construction of the underground city by the architects, but walking along the underground streets, tourists can find the most famous shops or visit restaurants.

CN Tower

1556518166_si-en-tauerCN Tower

The main symbol of the city has been and remains for a long time a tower called CN. Its height is almost 600 meters and until recently it remained the tallest tower in the world. Until now, the tower is open to tourists, and at the very top, over time, an observation deck with a glass floor was equipped.

City Hall building

1556518585_zdanie-merii-v-torontoCity Hall in Toronto

Undoubtedly, in every country, the City Hall is the most beautiful building in the city, and Toronto is no exception. However, it has little resemblance to standard buildings. Two high-rise towers are built on the sides, and a large rounded pavilion connects them. There are panoramic windows throughout the building, and in front of the entrance there is a special seating area.

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