Con Dao Island is not a single territory. It is a true archipelago of 16 small islands. It is located 185 kilometers from the coast of the South China Sea.

The area of ​​all islands is 76 sq. kilometers.

Today the archipelago is renowned as an ideal destination for family and water-related leisure activities. The island is quite problematic to get to, since it is located far from the coastline. It is because of this that Kon Dao is famous for its secluded places. There are not enough vacationers here today due to the fact that tourism began to develop quite recently. The construction of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls began on the islands.

At the moment, only wealthy tourists can afford rest here., since several expensive hotels have already been built on the island. There are still few cheap hotels on the island, so the Con Dao archipelago is still closed for ordinary travelers.

In 1984, Kon Dao was assigned to the reserve area.


More recently, the archipelago was famous for the fact that dangerous criminals were kept on its territory. And today it has turned into one of the famous luxury resorts.

During the period when Vietnam was considered a French colony, more than ten prisons were founded here. After a while, they found another use: they began to send revolutionaries into exile here. It is estimated that more than 20 thousand prisoners died on the island. Today the islands have another hidden name – the hellish prison.

Despite the long existence of prisons, nature did not suffer from them at all, but remained the same majestic and practically untouched.


Weather in Con Dao

The archipelago is always warm, as it is located in the tropics. On the island, as elsewhere, it is customary to distinguish between dry and wet seasons. No sharp temperature changes are observed here. From December, a dry period begins on Kon Dao, which lasts until the beginning of April. Excessive humidity and too high temperatures are simply not there.

The rainy season begins in May. During this period, strong winds blow and a lot of precipitation falls. However, the climatic features will not affect the rest, since the showers pour only at night.

But if you visit the island at a certain time, you can see a lot of interesting things, for example, the spawning of turtles crawling out in huge numbers ashore from May to November.

Divers will love the islands from February to June. At this time, the water in the sea is perfectly clean.


How to get to the island

There are several options for getting to the islands.

  1. Plane. One of the islands of the archipelago has a local airport. Every day planes arrive here from Hanoi, Kanto and other Vietnamese cities. Ticket prices hover around $ 35. You can get from the airport to your destination by taxi for three dollars.
  2. Ferry. A ship departs from Ho Chi Minh City 8 times a day. And now, after an hour’s journey, you will find yourself on the spot.

There is no public transport to Kon Dao, so to get to another part of the island, you will have to order a taxi. It is possible to travel between the islands only by ships.


Where to stay

The island is not large in size, and is not yet recognized as a tourist center. It can be concluded that there are not so many hotels here either. However, in the existing buildings, you can find rooms of different price categories. But it should be remembered that there is very little cheap accommodation. And if you really want to get to the Kon Dao, then it is better to pre-book a hotel room.

Today, a huge number of guest houses and shopping centers are being built on the islands of the archipelago. With their construction, the price of housing will significantly decrease, but there will be much more tourists. If, nevertheless, accommodation at the hotel is too expensive for you, then you can use the services of a tent city, where for a very small fee, you will get a healthy rest alone with nature.


Archipelago beaches

The authorities are now faced with the question of surpassing the quality and quantity of the beaches of Phuket. That is why the construction of houses and the improvement of the coastal zone is underway on the island. Recent studies have shown that today there are over 20 beaches.

The beaches of Conchon Island are available for tourists, but due to the influx of tourists, they are not as clean as the beaches in the depths of the archipelago. On the way to the airport, you can find Dutlock Beach, which is famous for its large accumulation of seaweed.



As we know, Kon Dao has a focus on a relaxing family vacation. There is not a single nightclub or bar here. Tourists come here to take a break from the city and feel at one with the environment.

Diving can be distinguished from entertainment on the island. There are two large diving centers on Kon Dao where training takes place.

Well, how can you do without fishing, especially in such a place. I am glad that fishing is allowed wherever there is water and fish.


Con Dao landmarks

The islands of the archipelago themselves can be called a tourist attraction. But besides that, there are several interesting objects that will definitely attract attention. Walking around the territory of the island of Conchon, one cannot fail to notice the buildings built in the days when Con Dao was a French colony. Here you have the headquarters of the prison along with the buildings themselves and the famous cemetery where war victims are buried.

Today the museum of the prison is located in the abandoned house of the governor. Almost all of the exhibits are closely related to the prison theme and the revolutions taking place here. Arriving at Kon Dao, you will learn the entire history of the islands, walk through old chambers and even see ancient relics.

On the island of Conchon there is an interesting tourist route to the famous Camp No. 7. It was discovered by the Americans on the opposite side of the island. Following the route, you will visit the most terrible places where various tortures were carried out.

Of the natural attractions of Conchon, the bay of the same name stands out, literally teeming with animals. Dolphins, sharks, turtles and other aquatic life can be found here.

The bay is famous for the fact that more than 60 thousand turtles are born here every year. To watch this unique action, you will have to sit on the beach for a long time, quitting smoking and drinking.


The island, as mentioned earlier, is a nature reserve. Its area is huge and amounts to 20 thousand hectares. More than 80% of the total area is water surface, the rest is dense jungle. The creators of the park treat their offspring with love and awe, especially highlight the coral reefs that require a lot of attention. Such concern is connected with the fact that during the construction of the prison they were badly damaged. In addition to protecting the fascinating natural areas, the administration does not forget about the animals, of which more than 2000 species have been collected. You can get to the park only with a special permit and as part of a guided tour.

Along with Konshon, Baikan Island was also recognized as a nature reserve. This is where the maximum number of turtles can be observed during the spawning period. Travel agencies have agreed with local authorities to conduct an unusual night tour, during which turtles can be seen laying eggs.

Here, on the territory of the reserve, there is a lighthouse built in 1887.

Summarizing all of the above, the conclusion suggests itself that, in general, the islands of the archipelago are interesting precisely for their natural attractions. Only the lighthouse and the prison make up the historical foundation of Kon Dao.

If you want just a story, then get on a plane and fly to other cities in Vietnam.

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