In 2009, the population was 887,069 people. Now the city has reached a million inhabitants. It houses an airport, train station and seaport. The textile and food industries are also well developed.

According to historical data, the city was founded in 192. In terms of age, he is even older than his capital. Today the city has not preserved any evidence of its age and has become the most modern settlement in the country. In fact, the whole history of Da Nang is tightly intertwined with Europe. Back in 1535, the Portuguese landed here. During the war, a US military base was located in Da Nang. The modern city is not yet so popular among tourists, as it is mainly considered a port city. As such, there are no attractions here, as well as entertainment. Rare tourists on the street are regarded as savages. But despite their mediocrity, the city’s beaches have been voted the best in the world by Forbs magazine. They really deserve attention. The beaches are clean, there is no large flow of people and attract tourists from all over the world. And the Vietnamese themselves do not mind sometimes sunbathing here.


  • sights
  • Marble mountains
  • Cable car and Mount Bana
  • Cham Museum
  • Da Nang Museum
  • Statue of buddha
  • Michonne ruins
  • Weather and season

Among the sights of the city, one can single out the Cham Museum, the Buddha statue, Mount Bana, the Marble Mountains and several other beautiful places. For young people, the city will seem uninteresting. However, in the evening, it changes completely. All cafes and restaurants sparkle with colorful lights and numerous vacationers appear on the streets. You can even find some kind of nightclub here, although only locals go to it so far.

Da Nang is a constantly developing city. Every day, new hotels, restaurants and other infrastructure appear here, aimed at attracting tourists. The roads are monitored in the city, so they are in perfect condition and almost always free from traffic jams. Despite the large number of hotels, there are even more of them almost every day. The city is changing almost before our eyes. Before you can blink, a new store or restaurant opens next door.


Attractions Da Nang

I repeat that there are very few popular places in Da Nang. However, what is here deserves attention.

Marble mountains

There are mountains between Da Nang and Hoi An. They are formed from five hills of stone origin. Many years ago, the entire surrounding area was in a flooded state, and the hills served as islands created by nature. Each of the hills is represented by one of the five parts of the universe and have their own names. Inside, over time, caves were formed, next to which the ancient people built temples and sanctuaries. Thuishom Hill is still considered the most popular place among pilgrims. Many caves are so dark that you should take a lantern with you in order to coordinate inside, and also not to stumble upon bats, of which there are an immense number inside.

You can visit each of the caves for a nominal fee. At the entrance you will also be offered to purchase a map of the area and a set of pictures with images of mountain beauty. At the very base of the mountain there are two villages that are famous for their artisans. One of them, Non Nuok, is replete with shops with figurines, figurines of deities and ceramic dishes. Any tourist will definitely appreciate it, because such a quantity of ceramics and souvenirs can hardly be found anywhere. The prices in the shops are not the highest, and you can even bargain for a lower cost. If you decide to purchase a large sculpture, you can arrange delivery right on the spot to anywhere in the world.


You can get to the Marble Mountains if you buy a guided tour at any agency in the city. But it would be best to get there on your own. It is much more interesting, educational and cheaper. And there will be no time limit to better study a natural object. It is very easy to get to the marble mountains from Da Nang. You can go by bus, taxi or rent a bike. You will be taken to a fork where you will immediately see five mountain hills. You can get back in the same way, you just have to cross the road.


Cable car and Mount Bana

The mountain is located 40 kilometers from Da Nang. Its height fluctuates at 1478 meters. At the beginning of the 20th century, the French built a resort here. Bana is special in that all four seasons can be observed on it during the day. Clouds on the mountain never rise to the top, but are located approximately in the middle. That is why it is always clear and sunny upstairs. Mount Bana is very popular with tourists. They come here to restore their health. Today, an amusement park for children and adults is being built inside Bana. Since this is a resort, it was not without a hotel where you can stay without any problems. From here, walks to the waterfalls and to numerous observation platforms are made. On the territory of the hotel there are playgrounds for active sports and a spa center. It is worth coming to the Bana resort complex, however, you need to stock up on money to visit all the local attractions.

One cannot fail to mention the cable car that stretches from Ban to Wongnguet Mountain, where there is a large 24-meter statue of Buddha and a number of shrines. Recently, the road was included in the Red Book as the longest and highest in the world. You can visit it during a tour of Mount Bana or on your own using local transport.


Cham Museum

The museum was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is considered the most famous place in Vietnam. The museum houses the largest collection of Cham sculpture in the world. Most of the exhibits are from ancient sanctuaries established throughout the south of the country. The structure of the museum consists of ten thematic rooms. In addition to historical monuments, there is a collection of old photographs and texts, many of which are unique exhibits dating back to the 5th century.

Only lovers of history and archeology will be interested in the Cham Museum. However, ordinary tourists will also find something to do with themselves.


Da Nang Museum

This museum should not be confused with Cham. It is a kind of local history museums. It was closed for some time, but in 2011 it resumed its work. In the future, this place may become one of the most popular in the city, but so far few people know about the museum.

The Da Nang Museum is located on three floors of a modern building, which became a continuation of an old abandoned building of the 19th century. The museum houses over 2,500 different unique exhibits in the form of photographs and luxury goods. There are even halls staging scenes from the life of the indigenous population. The museum will definitely appeal not only to adults, but also to children.


Statue of buddha

The 67-meter statue is located in the national temple of Da Nang. It is one of the symbols of the city and one of the largest statues in Vietnam. The monument was founded in the 18th century, but in 1919 it underwent a major reconstruction. The Buddha statue is well worth a visit. But you can get to it only as part of an excursion. The Buddha is located at the very top of the mountain. That is why, in addition to the majesty of the statue itself, it will be interesting to see the surrounding places from a bird’s eye view.


Michonne ruins

The name of the ruins is often pronounced as Mison, but this is completely wrong. The Michonne ruins are considered to be the remains of the ancient Champa state and are listed as a World Heritage Site. On the territory of the ruins there are 17 former temples and tower structures dating from the 13th century. Michon is often confused with Angkor Wat. But the destroyed buildings are still far from the scale of the Cambodian temple. Despite the huge territory of the attraction, there are very few ancient structures here, and all that remains looks rather like a cluster of stones.

You can get to the Michon ruins from Da Nang or Hoi An along with an excursion. But, as usual, there is a second way: on your own. Renting a taxi for as little as $ 20 allows you to travel through the ruins all day long. But a trip with an excursion will be much more interesting, since the route sometimes includes a visit to the Cham dance show, kitchen lessons and other interesting entertainment.


Weather in Da Nang

There are no restrictions on visiting Da Nang. It is always warm in this city and its surroundings. But they still distinguish the rainy season and drought.

The hottest in the city is from August to September. The air temperature is then about 34 degrees. In December, a temperature minimum of 19 degrees was recorded. But it’s still warm outside.

Danangan is a very unusual place. On the one hand, it is a port city, and on the other, a dynamically developing resort. It is definitely worth coming here to explore the inner way of life of the Vietnamese.

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