Most winter lovers know map of ski resorts of Andorraas these places are popular with tourists. Small principality with an area of ​​468 km2, the capital of which is Andorra la Vella, located in the east of the Pyrenees between France and Spain. The locals know Spanish and French well, despite the fact that the local language is Catalan. However, the employees of the local resorts speak English. There are also places where Russian-speaking agents from international travel operators work, as well as professional instructors. The country’s popularity among vacationers is quite simple to explain.

The highest point of the principality is the peak of Coma Pedrosa. Its height is 2942 meters. For this reason, the bulk of tourists know where is the ski resort of Andorra, because I can rightfully be called the queen of all existing winter sports. Coma Pedrosa is located on the northwest side of the principalities in the Pyrenees of the La Massana region. Local resorts are more suitable for lovers of a quiet, relaxing holiday. On the territory of Andorra, the dollar is considered the main means of payment. You can exchange currency at almost any bank or hotel, where the rate is usually significantly lower. It is best to take care of the availability of a sufficient amount of non-cash and cash funds in advance.


Within the principality, there is no rail or air communication, so you can move between description of ski resorts in Andorra which are also presented, the traveler will have to use public transport, rented car or taxi.


To get to the country, a tourist can use one of the nearest airports accepting international flights. These include Il Prat Airport in Spain and Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France. The path from Barcelona to the principality is 200 kilometers, and from Toulouse – 170 kilometers. It is easier to get to Andorra from Barcelona, ​​from where there are twelve daily flights, while there are only two from Toulouse. The border of the principality is open to France and Spain, therefore, in order to get to local resorts, you must apply for an entry visa of one of these states or any other country belonging to the Schengen zone. Numerous photo of the ski resort of Andorra tourists are resting with their pets, but it should be remembered that the animal must go through customs control with a medical certificate, where there are marks about all vaccinations.


Resorts of Andorra

It should be noted right away that the principality attracts tourists with its material availability, as well as the quality of the tracks intended for skiing. Prices for similar French or Alpine resorts are much higher. However, the attractive price does not mean at all a low quality of service or poorly developed infrastructure. Each of the available resorts is characterized by the presence of many trails of various levels of difficulty. Each of them has its own specific marker; signs are placed along the paths. To prevent an inexperienced skier from flying off the track, they are all fenced. All working lifts are safe and comfortable. On the Internet is presented the scheme of the slopes of the ski resorts of Andorra, among which it is necessary to highlight the main ones. The principality is geographically divided into two zones called Vallnord and Grandvalir. There is something to see in almost any chosen city of the kingdom, but ski resorts are still among the pearls. Among the best places in Grandvalira are the following:

  1. ski0001

    Pas de la Casa is considered one of the most expensive in terms of cost. Wealthy people are most often found among local vacationers. In total, there are five dozen tracks, including twenty-three red ones. All of them are equipped with safe fences, as well as modern, comfortable lifts.

  2. ski0002

    Soldeu is considered the leader among the Andorran resorts, due to the high quality equipment of the tracks. This place is popular among families with small children, as the local slopes are more suitable for beginners, as well as for the intermediate level of training, that is, on the territory of Soldeu there are mainly blue and green tracks. There is a separate path for kids. Besides that diagram of the ski slopes of Andorra so it attracts with its organization, here you can also rent or buy ski equipment from the best manufacturers. In addition, the resort is a duty-free zone, so you can also profitably buy a lot of goods here.


Vallnord is also divided into several skiing sectors. The total length of the tracks is about ninety kilometers, most of which are colored blue and red on the diagram. About twenty-six tracks are characterized by vertical drops of up to 600 meters, as well as 63 tracks with drops of up to a kilometer. Among professionals, the resort of Ordino-Arcalis, which is located not far from the princely capital, is popular. There are mostly gentle slopes, the highest of which is 2600 meters. They are ideal for downhill runs.

Some of the tracks belong to the category of increased difficulty and are accessible only to specialists in their field.

Known best ski resorts in Andorra Pal-Arinsal also belongs, the highest point of which is over 1950 meters. In total, tourists are presented with about forty tracks of varying duration and difficulty. Thus, Andorra is multifaceted. Its ski resorts are suitable for all categories of holidaymakers, both from the point of view of the financial side and the level of fitness of the athlete.


When is the best time to go

Winter in the Pyrenees Mountains of Andorra pleases vacationers with its winter landscapes with heavy snowfalls, coniferous forests and warm weather. There is no harsh winter here. The temperature, as a rule, ranges from -2 to +2 degrees, and only in certain areas can it drop below -5 degrees during the day and below -15 degrees at night. The favorable season for a trip to Andorra lasts from the last days of November to the first days of April. However, there are also exceptions. For example, not everywhere ski season in Andorra lasts until early April. Some trails of Pal-Arinsal are available until May. The most popular recreational areas are also equipped with snow cannons to maintain a full snow cover suitable for skiing. With the help of such equipment, the season can be extended until late spring. For this reason, holidays here in May are as popular as in the height of winter.


In this way, Alpine skiing of Andorra is in demand among a huge number of tourists who do not want to overpay extra money while vacationing in France. The developed network of infrastructure of local recreational areas allows the traveler to spend his vacation comfortably, in addition, the quality of the routes presented is pleasantly surprised.

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