Recently, the Thai government has decided to take seriously unscrupulous taxi drivers damaging the country’s reputation. Negligent cabs will be punished with severe fines and even arrested.

However, until these innovations are fully operational, Thai taxi drivers continue to cash in on gullible tourists. In this article we will discuss the most common cabs tricks and tell you how to behave if you are still “caught”.

The most popular tricks of Thai taxi drivers:

The most common trick is the counter not working.

Without exception, all Thai taxi drivers are obliged to charge only by the meter, but not all tourists know about this circumstance. It is not surprising that unscrupulous cabbies actively like to use this. Very often they extort an amount from passengers that is several times higher than the real cost of your trip.

There are also craftsmen who drive in circles with the counter turned on.

For example, if you can reach your destination in 20 minutes, then a dishonest taxi driver will drive for an hour. Naturally, the final fare will be significantly overstated. Therefore, do not be lazy to use the navigator. Don’t be fooled.

Most are trying to earn extra money by demanding some kind of additional fare from tourists.

Please be aware that this action is illegal. However, some tourists make concessions and lose a significant part of their funds.

Some especially gifted taxi drivers drop their passengers right in the middle of the road, without taking them to their final destination.

They justify their decision with strong traffic jams, but you don’t need to believe their speeches. You must be taken exactly where you asked.

Many taxi drivers, having learned that you are going to go very close, may refuse to guide you.

If so, they can tell you that they have finished their work shift and are driving the car into the park. Keep in mind that according to local laws, a cab driver who has finished work must remove the taxi driver’s service plate from his car. If this does not happen, then they are trying to deceive you.

How to deal with the arbitrariness of taxi drivers?

So, what should you do if you wanted to buy a tour to Thailand, you arrived in the country and still managed to deceive you by a dishonest taxi driver? If you are faced with injustice, then feel free to call the traffic police hotline (line number 1197). While talking on the phone, tell us the color of the car and its number.
Be careful when traveling overseas. Don’t be fooled!

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