I will now detail the possible ways to get from the international airport to the different areas of Los Angeles where public transportation goes. Anyone arriving at LAX can choose from the options I’ve described or prefer a more appropriate one, such as an individual shuttle. In any case, in order to leave for the city after the flight and passport control, you will need to get your luggage and get out of the passenger terminal, and then proceed as appropriate

Los Angeles airport → Hollywood


To get from LAX airport to Hollywood you have to leave the passenger terminal and get on the free shuttle running on route “G” opposite the blue sign “LAX Shuttle Airline Connections”. Ride it to the Aviation Station Metro Station. At the entrance to the subway, purchase a pass ($1.75) and take it to the Hollywood/Vine station.

Alternatively, you can get the $8 FlyAway direct express bus* (fare can be paid with a bank card) that runs from the terminal to the west side of Vine Street, which is only a block from Hollywood Boulevard.
If you’re in a hurry and prefer not to catch the bus or subway, then catch a cab that brings you to Hollywood for $70-$90, based on the timing of the day, the amount of luggage and the position of your accommodation.

* For all the details on FlyAway buses from LAX airport to different areas of Los Angeles, pricing and buying tickets online, see the website online at: http://www.lawa.org/FlyAway

Recommendation: We lived in Hollywood at a nice, clean and inexpensive hotel with spacious rooms, good soundproofing and free parking – La Brea Inn. It was convenient for us to leave the car there and walk along Hollywood Boulevard, all the major attractions are very close by.

Los Angeles airport → Downtown


The simplest way to go from Los Angeles Airport to Downtown (to Union Station) is to use the direct FlyAway bus that leaves under the green sign “FlyAway Buses and Long Distance Vans” at the gate of the airport terminal. The cost of the ride is $9.75 per passenger, and kids under 5 years old are free.

It is also fairly simple to take the subway to Downtown L.A. For this you first have to go to the nearest Aviation subway station to the terminal on the free shuttle (route “G”), and then purchase a pass at the station entry for $1.75 and proceed to the block you want.

A cab ride will charge of $47.

Los Angeles Airport → West Hollywood


The least expensive option to reach the West Hollywood neighborhood is also to take the metro. From LAX you take a special shuttle bus “G” to the Aviation LAX station and after you get a $1,75 voucher you will board the train. The ride will have two transfers and you will get off at the Hollywood/Western station.

A cab from the airport to West Hollywood is $70-80.

Los Angeles Airport → Wilshire


You can get from LAX airport to the Wilshire area by subway (purple line), bus, or cab. The drive is a bit shorter than the Hollywood area.

Los Angeles Airport → Westside


The simplest of all options is to get from Los Angeles Airport to the Westside area by cab for $35 – $45, but you can also use public transit – bus or subway for $1.75 with connections to your desired stop (there is a new subway line – Expo Line – in the Westside recently built).

Los Angeles Airport → Beverly Hills


There are several ways to travel from the gate of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to your hotel in the Beverly Hills neighborhood:

By cab is the easiest, but not necessarily the quickest way (but rather) pricey. The cost is $65 to $70.

Take a Metrobus (google maps are the easiest to follow) or the $1.75 Wilshire/Western station and change to the Rapid Bus (route number 720) and follow it along Wilshire Boulevard to the closest stop to the Beverly Hills area.

Los Angeles Airport → Santa Monica


Public transit from LAX airport to Santa Monica can be taken in three different directions:

By subway – Get on the shuttle at the airport exit, which goes to the Aviation/LAX subway station. Then you need to ride the subway across downtown (with two changes) to the Downtown Santa Monica terminus on the blue line, or get off early.

You can also arrive in Santa Monica for $1.75 by bus, which goes on line number 3 along Lincoln Boulevard. You can board it at Parking Lot C, which is accessible by special shuttles from the terminal’s passenger exit ( you have to) pick them up at the stop with the blue LAX Shuttle Airline Connections sign on it.
A cab trip will only charge $35-40 and will probably cut you a lot of hours.

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