Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and the largest city in the country. Previously, it was called Constantinople, in honor of Tsar Constantine. The city has a colorful history, which is still incomplete. Istanbul is one of the twenty most visited cities in the world. This is not surprising, because the city has something to brag about and something to show. It is also one of the few cities located on two continents at once.

Bosporus strait

Istanbul is a city of indescribable beauty. It stands on the shores of the Bosphorus. Attractions are the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, where services are held every day.

Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia (Temple of Hagia Sophia) in Istanbul

The number of people inhabiting the city reaches 15 million. Moreover, in terms of population, it overtakes many cities – the world’s millionaires.
The transport system of Istanbul is very well developed. The most popular types of transportation are the high-speed tram and ferry. Tram lines connect the entire city, so in a short period of time you can get from one end of the city to the other. Today, the most popular and famous are three branches.

Light rail in Istanbul

The ferry option is popular with people who need to cross frequently from the Asian side to the European side.

Traveling by ferry in Istanbul

Restaurants and cafes of the city are very popular. Here you can have breakfast in a posh setting, dine in a humble café, and dine on the go while walking around the city.

One of the restaurants in Istanbul – Hamdi Restaurant

The cuisine in Istanbul is very diverse, especially its location. Here you can taste both European and Asian cuisine. Restaurants and cafes can be located in the most unusual places. Starting from some skyscraper and ending with the deck of the ferry. It is customary to leave a tip in the cafe after dinner.
The Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar are two magical places for the shopaholic.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city of contrasts and a paradise for people who first of all come to rest, visit the best shops in the country or city. People with average incomes and higher incomes can come here. There are many shops for clothes, dishes, perfumes – in general, everything that girls and men love. A popular place where you can buy yourself a souvenir is Istiklal Street.

Istiklal street in Istanbul

It is best to visit Istanbul in summer and autumn. In summer, you can sunbathe when the temperature reaches +35 degrees, swim in the waters of the Black and Mediterranean Seas. In autumn, the temperature will not be so high, autumn is the best time to walk around the historic city.

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