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A May vacation is a great excuse to relax in Cyprus. Moreover, tours to Cyprus have become very popular for a long time.

Tourists are waiting for wonderful sunny weather, clear sea and unforgettable nature. The legend also makes this place attractive. According to her, the goddess of love was born in the waters adjacent to the island. Therefore, Cyprus is often called the island of Aphrodite.

The country is ideal for relaxation. Here you can not only sunbathe, but also swim. Excursions and dancing until the morning await visitors. Protaras and Ayia Napa are popular destinations for young people to relax and have fun.

The main street of Protaras turns into a large dance floor every night with laser, sound and light effects. For more serious nightlife entertainment, head to Ayia Napa, a night bar Red Square Bar… Its atmosphere is uplifting, and the prices are very pleasing. In addition to “dancing until you drop” and karaoke, you can visit the People’s Museum and the Dolphinarium. Boats, jet skis and yachts are at guests’ disposal.
Red Square Bar

Cyprus is ideal not only for adults but also for children. The climate of the island has a healing effect and therefore the child will be provided with health for the whole year. Many beaches are flat, so parents will always see their children. Local cuisine will delight any gourmet, and the cost of dishes and high-level service will pleasantly surprise you. Younger visitors have the opportunity to choose dishes from the children’s menu and they will be provided with highchairs.

The cost of the tour will depend entirely on the desired resort and hotel. The rest at the end of the month will be much more expensive, because the time for summer holidays is approaching. However, you can search for “last minute” tickets.
Elysium Cyprus

The undoubted advantage of vacationing in Cyprus for Russian tourists is that most of the local population speaks Russian. A visitor to a restaurant in Cyprus will receive an answer in Russian to a request to submit a menu.

Let’s dwell on the climate of the island and clarify the May weather in Cyprus. May is the month when the weather changes from spring to summer. In early May, there are some windy days. By mid-May, the temperature regime rushes towards summer. The average temperature in May is 24 degrees above 0, in the western regions – 27 degrees, in the southern – 30. In the mountainous regions in May + 21 °C… Rainy weather at this time in Cyprus is very rare, a maximum can be 2 times for the entire May. The water on the coast warms up to an average of 19 degrees.

Have you been to Cyprus?

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Cyprus. Ayia Napa

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