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Many tourists consider the Maldives to be a paradise, and here they are not mistaken. But, although the islands really fascinate with their nature, white sand and many amazing factors, not everyone will like such a vacation. Here you can laze around for days on the fly: swim, sunbathe, or just wallow on the beach. And yet, if you are good at finding interesting and exciting places in the Maldives, then you will find what you like. This applies to those tourists who like excursions.

The Maldives are made up of many small atolls. But not all of them have a population, some are uninhabited. However, most are specially equipped for tourists.

In the Maldives, you will not find tall buildings, farms, factories or other industries. Everything you need is delivered by plane or ship, because of this, prices for almost all goods will be very high. It is better to take everything you need that may be useful to you, as it will be very unprofitable to buy it.

The weather on these islands will delight you all year round, as the sun shines every day and the temperature ranges from 30 to 34 degrees. If you want to celebrate the New Year in a hot place, then the Maldives is a great option. Many tourists come here in winter.

Who is the best to go to the Maldives?

As we said above, the Maldives is a place for the lazy. But everyone will find their advantages here.

Lovers will be able to enjoy each other. Weddings and honeymoons often take place here. Tourists who go to the sea or ocean for the sake of clear blue water can go surfing, diving, fishing, or just sit all the rest in the water without getting out of there.

The best time to relax is spring, storms are not frequent at this time and the air temperature is most favorable.

And what kind of entertainment and attractions are there in the Maldives?

Maldives – National Museum

The first thing worth visiting is the National Museum, which used to be the Sultan’s palace. There you can see national costumes, historical manuscripts and details and, of course, learn more about this place.


Then you can visit the Jumuri-Maidan Park. The most favorite park of tourists, where you can see unusual monuments and beautiful landscapes.

Kuramachi island

For walks in beautiful places, we suggest the island of Kuramati. It is here that there are many beautiful hotels with the most comfortable apartments. You can also walk along clean white beaches and exotic forests and places that you will remember for a long time.

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