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What to bring from Turkey: unusual souvenirs and the most delicious sweets Let's talk about unusual souvenirs from Turkey.  We figure out what to bring from Turkey: luxurious carpets, painted ceramics, lamps, lemon cologne, r ... Ekaterina Belchikova Apr 8, 2021 Read 10 min.
Seychelles - paradise on earth An article about travel to the Seychelles.  We figure out how to get there, how much tickets, accommodation and food cost.  An overview of the most interesting sp ... Ekaterina Belchikova Apr 5, 2021 Read 10 min.
Cyprus opened its borders: finding out where to relax and what to see About traveling to Cyprus.  Features of travel during COVID-19.  What city to choose for vacation: excavations in Paphos, family vacation in Larnaca, parties ... Ekaterina Belchikova Apr 3, 2021 Read 10 min.