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Georgia - Choosing a Direction Have you opened Georgia?  Where to go, what to watch and what are the restrictions?  Must: try the local cuisine, go to Batumi, trekking in the mountains, visit ... Anastasia Dodo Feb 25, 2021 Read 10 min.
We write Indonesia, we read Bali: is it realistic to get in 2021 Rules of entry to Indonesia, how to get and the price of air tickets, the cost of rest, when the season is on the island.  What to do in Bali: surfing, snorkeling and fish ... Ulyana Skibina Feb 23, 2021 Read 10 min.
Kazakhstan - top-10 attractions near Almaty Attractions near Almaty: Big Almaty Lake (BAO), Charyn canyon, singing dune and many more beautiful places!  Anastasia Dodo Feb 22, 2021 Read 10 min