10 Awesome Things to Do In Newport Beach, California

Looking to visit Newport Beach in California?

Well, I’ve got an awesome itinerary for you!

Today, I’ll list out all of the awesome places that you can visit while you’re there so that you can get the best out of your vacation. And we’ve got a list of places that no one else has got.

Let’s go on this adventure together, shall we?

Things You Can Do In Newport Beach, California!

1. Balboa Peninsula

Let’s know more about Balboa Peninsula!

I feel that Balboa Peninsula, a neighborhood which gets its name from a Spanish explorer, Vasco Nunez de Balboa is one of the best places to visit. This neighborhood has a lot of events and attractions. The three mile stretch of land is bordered on one side by the harbor and on the other side by sandy beaches and the Pacific Ocean.

The Balboa Pavilion dates from 1906: it’s the peninsula’s most well-known landmark, the oldest standing building, and a marine recreational facility. Other attractions include the Balboa Fun Zone, the Balboa Pier and Newport Pier, and the Dory Fishing Fleet. The Balboa Peninsula is of the top Newport Beach CA attractions. There are many bars and restaurants with great nightlife.

Best things to do in Newport Beach with kids include the charming Balboa Village, the Balboa Fun Zone and the Environmental Nature Center.

2. Corona Del Mar State Beach

Corona del Mar State Beach is a state park and beach that is operated by the city of Newport Beach. Spanish for the Crown of the Sea, Corona del Mar was established as a state park in 1947 and is sometimes referred to as Big Corona Beach.

Covering 30 acres, it is a half-mile long protected sandy beach and is popular with families and swimmers. There are cliffs above the beach and a rock jetty that is the entrance to Newport Harbor. Other activities include scuba diving, sunbathing, surfing, and beach volleyball.

Corona Del Mar State Beach is one of the best things to do in Newport Beach, California. Scenes from several movies and television shows were filmed on this beach.

3. Newport Pier

The Newport Pier is a 1,032 feet (314.6 meters) long municipal pier located on McFadden Place at the center of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach.

Completed in 1888, it was originally called McFadden Wharf named after local landowners, James and Robert McFadden. It was used for shipping but when it was sold in 1902, the new owner began to change the area for recreational and residential purposes. The old pier was destroyed by a hurricane in 1939 and the new and current pier was built in 1940 on the same site.

If you are wondering what to do in Newport Beach with kids, this is a great place to visit.

Today, it is a popular place for dining, fishing, and walking. Founded in 1891, the Dory Fishing Fleet is located at the base of the pier.

4. Orange County Museum of Art

The Orange County Museum of Art focuses on the art of California from the early 20th century to the present and is one of the top Newport Beach attractions.

The collection contains more than 3,000 objects including paintings, photography, and sculptures. The museum also features new art media including digital, installation, and video art.

The Orange County Museum of Art is one of the best things to do in Newport Beach, California for art lovers.

Exhibitions of contemporary art are regularly mounted at the museum and it hosts many events including lectures and activities for children. The museum is well-known for its education outreach programs including a film series called Cinema Orange, Free Second Sundays, School Tours for children, Studio Sundays, Third Thursdays lectures, and more.

5. Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve

Known by locals as “The Back Bay,” Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve is a large coastal wetland or estuary. Consisting of approximately 1,000 acres, it is one of the largest coastal wetland areas in southern California.

The preserve is a popular place for bird watching because it is an important stopover for some 35,000 birds that are traveling on the Pacific Flyway, the major north-south migration path that extends from Alaska to Patagonia.

In addition to bird watching, other popular activities include biking, hiking, and horseback riding. The park also features the Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center which is a great place to visit with kids.

6. Newport Beach

Newport Beach is a five-mile long municipal beach located on Balboa Boulevard at Oceanfront & 21st Street and is owned by the city of Newport Beach. It lies on both sides of the Newport Beach Pier and it extends from the Balboa Pier Beach on the south as far north as West Newport Park.

The beach consists of fine soft sand which makes it a popular place for sunbathers. Water activities include boating, fishing, surfing, and swimming; non-water activities include biking, skating, volleyball, and walking. There is a paved trail called the Newport-Balboa Bike Trail that runs behind the beach for several miles.

7. Balboa Island

Balboa Island is a manmade island that is located on the Balboa Peninsula and the mainland of Newport Beach. The island started as a mudflat surrounded by swamps.

Dredging of the Bay began in the early 1900s and the sand and silt that was brought up from the floor of the bay were deposited at a place that would eventually become Balboa Island. If you are wondering what to see in Newport Beach, Balboa Island is a great place to visit. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge on the northeast and the Balboa Island Ferry runs between the Island and the Balboa Peninsula which lies to the south.

Although the island is mostly residential, visitors enjoy walking along Marine Avenue and Agate Avenue, the main commercial streets.

8. Balboa Village

The Balboa Village is a historic amusement area on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. The village is made up of a bayside boardwalk called Bayfront Boardwalk and a second boardwalk called the Ocean Boardwalk on the other side of the peninsula.

The boardwalks are popular places to stroll and to take in the sights: they are lined with activities, restaurants, and shops. Nearby are the yachts of Newport Harbor and the Balboa Pier.

Shops include art galleries, boutiques, and specialty shops, while restaurants range from Italian to Japanese. There are ocean activities as well as amusement park rides.

9. Environmental Nature Center

The Environmental Nature Center is a group of 15 California native plant environments. Founded in 1972, the 3.5-acre center features walking trails, wildlife habitats, and plant ecosystems such as desert, freshwater marsh, oak woodland, redwood forest, and much more.

Nicknamed “The ENC,” the center is known for its strong focus on education. Some of the features and programs of the center include a butterfly habitat, summer nature camps, school programs, and a Nature Museum that gives children the opportunity to explore and touch things that come from nature. The center can be rented for meetings, parties, and weddings.

10. Balboa Fun Zone

The Balboa Fun Zone is a family destination located on East Bay Avenue on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. Built in 1936 by Al Anderson, the attraction began with a small beach and a Ferris Wheel. The area was rebuilt in 1986 but went into decline until a new owner began reviving the Fun Zone in 1994.

Today the area includes Balboa Village with its beach, boardwalks, hotel, restaurants, and shops. Amusement rides include an 18-foot tall bungee ride called Ocean Motion, the Ferris Wheel, Fish Pipe, Burt the Bull Shark, and many others. Other attractions include the historic 1905 Balboa Pavilion, arcades, harbor cruises, and more.

600 East Bay Avenue, Newport Beach, California.

Things To Do In Newport Beach: A Shore of Salty hairs and Sandy Hairs

“The Sea! The Sea! The open Sea! The blue, the fresh, the ever free!”

Do you like my rhyme?

Sounds good?


I know, it’s quite funny!



I am a true Beachaholic!

Because, When I visited Newport Beach, I enjoyed the best time in my life. With my friends, and my family, that time was awesome. There are many things to do in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach

Imagine for a moment!

If you love shopping, food, sports, fashion, and you will find all your favorite things at one place, what will your reaction?


The same was mine!

That’s why, I love to visit Newport beach again and again.

I know the feeling!

Visitors can enjoy unlimited things to do in Newport beach. Enjoy luxury shopping, spa treatments, championship golf, and sample a bit of the sophisticated, and aspirational lifestyle found here because there are many things to do in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach is home to Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race, Newport beach film festival, Restaurant Week, Newport Beach Independence Day on the Bay Hyatt regency. Summer Concert Series, and the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.

City in California!

Yes, this is a city in the California!

Newport Beach, a coastal city in Southern California, is known for its large, boat-filled harbor.

In addition to that!

Newport Beach Pier

Newport Beach Pier and Balboa Pier, plus the Balboa Fun Zone, an old-school amusement park with a Ferris wheel and ocean views.

You know!

Local beaches include the Wedge, known for its big waves, and Corona del Mar State Beach.

The Orange County Museum of Art exhibits modern and contemporary works.

Always first, Newport Beach!

Here’s the kicker!

  • Newport was home to the first international Polo Match.
  • Newport had the first photograph taken by an electric bulb.
  • Newport was home to the first auto-race.
  • Newport was home to the first National Lawn Tennis Championships.
  • Newport was the first city to pass a traffic ordinance.
  • Newport hosted the first circus in the country.
  • Newport has more colonial homes in use than any other location in the United States.
  • Newport was the site of the first Duplex house, located at 57 Farewell Street.

Wanna know the best things to do in Newport Beach?


I am explaining you the best things to do in Newport Beach.

Feel like you are in Venice

Gondola adventures

Sounds impressive, right?

Gondola adventures, where you will feel like that you are in Venice. You can enjoy the chocolates on your rides. Remember, always bring your jacket with you, there will be chilled area, even in summers.

Take a Spa and feel Relax

Don’t worry, this is not an adventure type. Pure Blu Spa, at the Marriott, will offer you the massage, and skin treatment. Take a steam in the eucalyptus steam room after lifting in their state-of-the-art weight room.

Bubble gum or Ice cream?

Blue Hawaii shave Ice

Let me say this straight!

Try a Blue Hawaii shave Ice there. You will be confused that you are eating Ice cream or chewing a bubble gum. Haha! But one thing, I can say that you will definitely enjoy the taste.

Com’on Fashion Girl


I love fashion and where there I see a shopping mall, I definitely go there. Fashion Island is no ordinary mall: With fancy stores like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s, it is definitely a Southern California luxury shopping destination. There’s even a movie theater inside too.

Wanna fly like an iron man?

Jetpack America
So, what am I talking about?

Then you should go on a jetpack! Yep, you read that right! Jetpack America is the first company to offer water-powered jetpacks for people to fly on. If you’ve never done it before the instructors will teach you all the basics, and even some tricks like donut turn and hovers.

See the celebrity stars

Imagine this!

You can see your favorite stars in the Newport Beach, that hosts every year a film festival with hundreds of films around the world. Last year the festival included Oscar-nominated films, independent movies, Q&As with directors and premieres of never before seen films.

Crystal Cove


Claim a spot in the Crystal Cove.

At Crystal Cove State Park in nearby Laguna Beach you can hike, mountain bike, or swim, and this beautiful park is also home to different birds and reptiles including the cool-looking San Diego horned lizard. Fun fact for movie lovers: some filming for “Beaches” took place here.

Crown of the sea

Corona Del Mar is a small, quaint town in Newport noted for its gorgeous beaches, “Little Corona” and “Big Corona.” Feel free to wander and soak up the sun-and the cliffside views here are breathtaking, so don’t forget your camera!

On an electrical bicycle, no less!

Pedego electric bikes


You will drive cycle in style at Pedego electric bikes. What makes these bikes so popular is that you don’t have to pedal to get them moving, you can just twist the throttle. At Pedego Electric Bikes you can get a tour of all the awesome places, or just rent some bikes and go exploring!

I love Jewellery

Corona Del Mar Consignment Jewelry specializes in unique pieces for great prices. However, since Newport Beach is a pretty affluent town, you’ll find designer brands like Cartier, David Yurman, and even Tiffany’s!

Hungry? I have a solution

eating food

Just imagine!

The True Food Kitchen’s goal is to use healthy ingredients without losing any of the flavors of yummy foods. This vegetarian restaurant doesn’t compromise taste, instead, the food is more flavorful than ever. Can’t you go wrong with turkey lasagna and butternut squash pizza?

A ride in a Helicopter

Trust me, a ride in a helicopter will give you the cool experience. Revolution Aviation offers flight lessons out of nearby John Wayne Airport.

Paintings, Sculpture, and photography

Orange county Muesume of art

You will be surprised to see the priceless work of art. Thousands of art pieces are present in Orange County Museum of Art for the visitors.

Basically, the emphasis of the Museum is on California art and exhibitions of Paintings, Sculpture and Photography.

Best holiday happening in the Nation

Be honest!

The Christmas boat Parade only happens once a year, but it attracts more than a one million viewers. It is called as the one of the best holiday happening in the nation. Don’t miss it out, because boat owners put their heart, and soul into the elaborate decorations.

The Craving for beer?

Beer at beach

Newport Beach Brewing company is the original brewer in Newport. Visitors get unlimited beer there. Let me tell you a secret, you will also get a free pint glass there. Haha!

Kings of the ocean

Believe it or not!

Rumor has that the whales swim up right by the boat. An awesome pastime in Newport is definitely whale watching. Newport Landing offers cruises in Newport Bay with an incredible 95 percent success rate of seeing a whale along the way.

In the end!

Close your eyes and breathe!

Imagine this!

You are at Newport Beach.

Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.

To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude.

Remember, Life is better at the beach.

Take care!