Italian cuisine is rightfully popular all over the world.
In Rome, there is no problem with good restaurants, there is another problem – to choose the best restaurant.
In Italian restaurants, you can taste the most exquisite vegetable, meat and fish dishes, not just traditional pizzas and pastas.
There are restaurants offering pan-European cuisine, but restaurants with national Italian cuisine attract much more attention.
The best restaurant in Rome is “La Pergola“. It has been awarded three stars in the Michelin Gastronomy Guide. This restaurant is located in the Monte Maria district at the top of the hotel “Cavalieri Hilton“.

You can get pleasure not only from the ordered dishes, but also from the luxurious atmosphere of the restaurant, magnificent ceilings painted with frescoes and from contemplating the magnificent panoramas of the Eternal City, opening in wide windows.
The restaurant menu is very extensive. You can order a tasting menu of 9 of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. Of course, it costs a lot of 140 – 175 euros, but you will get an unforgettable gastronomic experience. In the restaurant’s wine list, you will find over 1800 different varieties of wine, both from Italy and from other countries.
One of the most famous fish restaurants is located in the Pantheon area “La Rosetta“, Which was opened in the 18th century. Its chef’s signature dish is “Dinner of the Gods”, which is prepared using several varieties of shellfish, shrimp, octopus and several species of fish. This restaurant uses the freshest fish caught on the same day.

The younger, but also famous fish restaurant of the Italian capital is located in the area of ​​the Olympic Stadium.Acquolina Hostaria“. Some of the dishes in this restaurant are prepared according to ancient Roman recipes.

Restaurants in Rome can be found for every taste and budget. You can go to the vegetarian restaurant “Il Marghutta“, Which is located near the Plaza de España. In the very center, in the Ghetto area, you can go to the restaurant “Giggetto al Portico dOttavia», Where simple but delicious dishes are served. We recommend trying here artichokes, which are considered a typical Roman dish.
But in any restaurant you will be offered perfectly cooked dishes and Italian wines.

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