Rio de Janeiro

Snow, frost and bad mood, but this can be easily corrected by going on vacation in hot countries or where the climate is less severe in winter!

Holidays in Brazil:

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is definitely one of the best places to spend warm vacation days. But this is such a huge state that it occupies almost the entire continent, and its climatic conditions are radically changing from north to south. To be safe, you need to plan a trip to Rio de Janeiro and walk directly along the famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. And if you go here before December 31, you can witness one of the most beautiful New Year’s holidays in the world.

Holidays in Zanzibar – Tanzania:


Zanzibar in Tanzania with its white beaches and palm fronds that protect from the sun in the dreams of more than one vacationer. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of hakuna matata, which invites you to forget about problems around the world and indulge in a nap with a cocktail of tropical fruits in hand. There is also a place for walking through the historical quarters of the Stone Town, as well as small excursions to other lesser-known islands of the archipelago.

Holidays in the Canary Islands – Spain:

Canary Islands

Whether it’s summer or winter, it doesn’t really matter for the islands of eternal spring. Winter holidays in the Canary Islands are the most successful product of tour operators precisely because here you can extend the wonderful season, which was in July and August. But it doesn’t matter, at least you can enjoy the nightlife all over Spain, which brings the nightlife of islands like Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura to life. Or grind for miles along Lanzarote’s moonlit landscapes to sample local dishes cooked in the heat of the volcano. Or discover the most “forgotten” islands of La Palma, Gomera and Hierro, which are still nature reserves.

Holidays in Madeira – Portugal:


Like the Canary Islands, Madeira in Portugal is also influenced by the eternal spring due to its enviable geographic location off the coast of Africa. Lush, thriving, impressive, the archipelago offers unique emotions with a variety of landscapes, from beaches on the Atlantic to mountain peaks. Christmas holidays in Madeira are satisfying for everyone, because the archipelago has excellent infrastructure for the laziest tourists, but it also offers the scenery and the wildlife that tourists love. They can travel for kilometers and kilometers along the paths that run along the levad, an ancient system of water transport canals, and then dive into the subtropical laurisil forests.

Holidays in Trentino – Italy:


This is the region of northern Italy – the queen of resorts. What better way to immerse yourself in the magnificent resorts of Levico, Vetriolo, Peho and Rabvi? State-of-the-art facilities, in which the warmth of sulphurous springs will bring numerous benefits to the soul and body, also due to the healing properties of minerals from the depths. And if it snows outside, it will be an even more suggestive look at the snowy spruce, which will remind you that you are not disappointed in the magical atmosphere of the new year in Italy.

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