Some visit the U.S. for the impressive architecture, some for the natural sights, and some just to bask on the seashore. The beaches in the U.S. are incredibly pretty, and spending a vacation on them is a recollection of the greatest vacations in a lifetime! The most common beach locations for tourists are California and Florida. California is a favorite destination for active sports fans and surfers. But in Florida the sea is quieter. There are traveling families with children to rest. In the U.S., the longest shoreline. And where best to head for a summer vacation, you choose. And we’ll tell you five of the top five attractive beaches in the U.S..

South Beach, Miami


Miami is the best place to hang out in America. Here almost the whole year long sunshine and warm ocean. And rest in Miami arrive world stars and millionaires. It offers tourists – luxury hotels and chic restaurants. Yes, vacationing on the beaches of Miami is not affordable for everyone. But one of Miami’s most beloved beaches, South Beach, is a must-see. Recommended time to relax on the beaches in Miami from November to April. Plus, you could easily always shop at the city’s malls, which are constantly on full sale.

Hanalei Beach, Hawaii

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A three-kilometer-long crescent-shaped beach with white sand, this is it, Hawaii’s best-known beach. The beach is called Hanalei Beach. The beach is almost wild, without any infrastructure (no clubs, no restaurants). But it’s just a paradise for a relaxing holiday: the water is crystal clear, white sand, palm trees, waterfalls, and in the background – mountain peaks. Moreover, not only people like to swim and sunbathe in the area. People love to surf here. If everyone needs an escape from the noise, come here.

New York’s Main Beach


Yes, there’s a beach in the Big Apple, too. It’s perfect for those who came to explore the city’s attractions. And then, after you tire yourself out a bit, you can hop on the subway and go straight to Main Beach, which is within the city limits. It’s gorgeous and unpolluted and definitely some of the prettiest beaches in our world. Lying on the east side of the Hamptons is Main Beach. As for infrastructure, it is developed at a very high level – cafes, nightclubs, restaurants, recreation rooms, a cinema, a golf club, massage rooms, showers and cabins for changing. But everything is expensive, because it is designed specifically for the visitor. What will strike you hardest is the cleanliness of the beach despite such a large number of people. This is because there are environmental police on the beach, which is responsible for its condition.

Cannon Beach, Oregon


Oregon offers an awesome beach vacation destination, Cannon Beach. The beach is situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The length of Cannon Beach is about 12 kilometers, so place is always plenty for vacationers. And visitors who arrive here, a lot, believe me. Seventy meters high rock Haystack Rock does this beach is very colorful and recognizable. Often these places are frequented by extreme tourists, and you can swim in the ocean and climb on the rocks.

Oak Street in Chicago


If you’re not a fan of salt water, you can find a relaxing alternative on Chicago’s Oak Street Beach on Lake Michigan. Recreation on this lake allows tourists not only to swim in fresh water, but also sailing, practicing different water activities and even fishing. The beach has golden sand, there are lots of cafeterias alongside the waterfront, and just beyond the beach are the skyscrapers of Chicago. In the windy weather there are waves, just like at the sea. The only moment, the beach is working for the summer period, from May 25 to September 3. But during the season, various sporting events, especially volleyball tournaments, are organized on Oak Street Beach.


We want to assure you that the beaches in the U.S. are more attractive than those in Egypt and Turkey. Perhaps some of you will miss the beauty of the underwater world on U.S. shores, but that can always be corrected by going to some aquarium or oceanarium. That’s what, what, and there are such in almost every city in the United States. Discover beach America!

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