The Republic of Vietnam is distinguished by its colorfulness and multinationality. The hot sun, warm waves and gentle sand are the main highlights of this state. But the country is famous not only for lazy rest, there are many interesting and memorable sights in this area.

1579957041_pagoda Tienmu Pagoda

There are many sanctuaries in Vietnam that differ in their individuality. But the Tienmu Pagoda, erected at the beginning of the 17th century, is the tallest in the country. The seven tiers of an octagonal shape, symbolizing the relocation of the Buddha, reach a height of more than twenty meters. In the first decade of the last century, the pagoda was the main center of the struggle against the French colonists, and now this place is home to five monks and seven of their novices.

1579957347_tjamskie-bashni-po-nagar Cham Towers Po Nagar

Among the valuable architectural monuments are the Po Nagar Cham Towers. These temples, despite the fact that they are more than a thousand years old, are very well preserved. Initially, the complex consisted of ten towers, which were built several centuries apart. Only four temples have survived to this day, each of them represents an individual architectural composition. With the onset of spring, a Buddhist festival with ceremonies and theatrical performances is held annually on the territory of the temple complex.

1584560295_sobor-sajgonskoj-bogomateri Cathedral of Our Lady of Saigon

In the architecture of Our Lady of Saigon, the Gothic and Romanesque styles are intertwined in an attractive and elegant way. The second name of the shrine is Notre Dame de Saigon, because the building was erected based on the appearance of the French Notre Dame de Paris. The uniqueness of the temple is that all the building materials used were brought from France: cement and nails, bricks and beams, stained glass windows and other little things.

Visits to such shrines as:
“Hanoi Cathedral” in the Gothic style;
“Nha Trang Cathedral”, where the bishop’s residence is located;
“Long Son Pagoda” with a huge Buddha.

1579958198_hanojskij-kafedralnyj-sobor Hanoi Cathedral

1579958466_kafedralnyj-sobor-njachanga Nha Trang Cathedral

1579958692_pagoda-long-shon Long Sean Pagoda

Every tourist seeks to visit the “Monkey Island”, located a few kilometers from Nha Trang. Initially, the island of Hon Lao was created by the reserve for breeding monkeys, which were used in laboratory experiments. Later, this program was closed, and the primates perfectly adapted and began to live and reproduce in natural conditions. On the island, it is possible not only to freely observe and communicate with numerous macaques, but also to see amazing shows with their participation, to watch dog races, where monkeys act as riders. It is worth remembering that monkeys love everything small and shiny, so you need to pay special attention to handbags, cameras and other attributes.

An excursion to the Hang Nga Guest House, known among the Vietnamese as the “Crazy House”, will be phenomenal. The inimitable inn is a giant tree with powerful intertwined branches, on which cobwebs and various evil spirits weigh menacingly. The entrance is a hollow, and inside the branches there are unusual but cozy rooms. Each number is an image of an animal. Being in “Hang Nga” you get the full feeling that you are in a fairyland.

1579959231_gostevoj-dom-hang-nga Hang Nga Guest House

Vietnam is a very hospitable country, there is a very low crime rate, and there are many entertainments and pleasures for every age, taste and wallet.

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