Rest with children is a wonderful chance to get to know a child a little better, to spend time with him, which is not always enough in our harsh working days, as well as to show him new places and teach him something new. In addition, even for young children, rest on the coast is quite useful. Salt water, sun and iodized air will be of great benefit and rejuvenate your child for the new school year. But every time parents ask themselves the classic question: “where should I go after all?” There are many options, but all in order.


For many, this country already sounds more like “going to the country”. And all because Turkey is quite simple in terms of visas, a variety of hotels and places, as well as democratic prices are constantly pleasing to the eye. In Turkish hotels, in addition to excellent service, attentive staff, everyone is waiting for the coveted all-inclusive service, which will be a great bonus for children’s holidays. After all, anxiety on the topic: “where to feed the children” immediately disappears. Your hotel has already thought of everything for you! In addition, numerous entertainment activities and animators will keep all family members busy, from young to old. Suitable for relaxing with the smallest, as almost everywhere there is a babysitting service or a children’s room. However, you need to know that July-August in Turkey is the time of high prices, so September will be the best month. We also recommend booking tours to Turkey and other countries in advance – preferably 3-4 months in advance, since the price when booking a month or two weeks before the trip is usually 30-40% higher!



Miniature or wide beaches, emerald greenery cascading down to the azure sea, picturesque views – all this can elevate your vacation to the divine. After all, it is not for nothing that these lands were once tenderly trampled by the Greek gods, sipping wine and admiring the olive groves. Rest for the soul and mind, because in addition to a beach holiday, it will be possible to introduce children into an excursion about the history of this wonderful country, which goes back thousands of years. It is better to travel from May to September, but for excursions choose March-April, when the weather is not so hot yet. And do not forget to buy olive oil, because it is such a useful product in any kitchen.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Yes, it didn’t seem to you! This country is very little known by our tourists, including from the point of view of beach tourism. There is one small and hidden place – Neum, where the wonderful beaches of the Adriatic Sea are located. The coastal area is spacious here, and the water is clear due to the rocky bottom. The entire coastline is closed from the winds by hills, and there are never storms and even small waves. So you can safely take the kids. This town is full of the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and has an interesting history, so if you get tired of spending time on the beach, then feel free to go for an informative walk around the city.

In many countries of the world and in most hotels there are various programs for children. But still, in order to make your children’s vacation unforgettable, you should find out about possible children’s activities, entertainment, animators, babysitting services in advance and based on your preferences.
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