Turkey is a magical warm country. The culture of this country combines the traditions of many peoples, such as: ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman traditions.

Hotels, beaches and excursions in Turkey:

Turkey has a lot of beaches, at least 300, about 2900 hotels. Also, this country ranks second in Europe and seventh in the world in terms of the number and quality of hot springs, there are more than 1000 of them.
And the developed transport infrastructure allows you to move anywhere in the country at any time.

Resorts of Turkey:


Antalya – this city is famous for its Old Harbor, where yachts dock. The Hadrian’s Gate, named after the Roman emperor who once visited Antalya, and the 2nd century Hidirlik Tower are reminiscent of the times when Antalya was an important port of the Roman Empire.


Side is a town in the south of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is known for its long beaches and historical sites. They are literally everywhere here. And the ruins of ancient theaters, which could accommodate up to 15,000 people, and the marble columns of the Greek temple of Apollo, and the most ancient, interesting and valuable exhibits can be seen in the Side Museum.


Marmaris is renowned for its pebbly beaches and vibrant bar street nightlife, which is home to many clubs, concert venues and other entertainment venues. This settlement is located in a valley, between mountains overgrown with pine trees, beautiful clear waters that beckon to swim in them.


Alanya is known for its huge beaches surrounded by many hotels. On one of these beaches, according to legend, Cleopatra herself once bathed, so it was named after her, Cleopatra’s beach. Kyzyl Kule Tower, or simply the Red Tower, is the symbol of the city. It is distinguished by its 8 corners. This tower is now located on the territory of a huge fortress, which was later turned into an open-air museum. In the same museum there are Ottoman villas, with red tile roofs.


Kemer is a seaside resort in the south of the Mediterranean coast. The city has many pebbly beaches and a huge marina. Also, not far from Kemer itself there are large ruins of another city, Greco-Roman, Phaselis and the legendary mountain Yanartash, which, due to the ignition of natural gas, is constantly crowned with tongues of flame, like a magical halo. Near the town are the pine forests of the Olympos Beydaglari National Park, and a long cable car leads straight to the top of Mount Tahtalidag.

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