General facts

Located between Mexico and Guatemala, the eastern part is washed by the Caribbean Sea.

Belize on the map

It is under British protectorate and is governed by the Governor General.

Belize is a small country. The whole area is less than 30 thousand square meters. km. The bulk of the inhabitants are mestizos, Creoles and mulattoes, as well as Maya and Garifupa Indians. The official language is English. But at the everyday level, local dialects of English, Spanish, German are used; Maya and Garifupa.


This mixture of races and languages ​​is the result of the ancient and eventful history of the small state. From time immemorial, the Maya Indians lived in the country, then the Conquest times came, and the Spaniards settled on the coast. But they were very little interested in the sparsely populated and remote territories of this region, and the British pirates began to equip bases for attacks on the ships of the Spaniards. This is how the first English settlements appeared on the territory of the future Belize.

For work on the plantations, black slaves were brought in, who in number very quickly overtook the European settlers. From the middle of the 19th century, the British began to call the territory British Honduras, and it was only in 1973 that the modern name Belize appeared. The capital of this constitutional monarchy is the city of Belmopan.


Climatic conditions

The climate is tropical trade wind, with high humidity. Average temperature is about 26 degrees with slight fluctuations. In the rainy season, hurricanes bring many disasters.

Belize Islands

1555075422_ostrova-belizaBelize Islands

In the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Belize, there is a coral reef, the largest in the western hemisphere.


There are about 200 islands between the reef and the coastal strip, many of which are ideal for relaxation. Sandy beaches with white fine sand, aquamarine sea and mangrove forests provide holidaymakers with ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

Ambergris Cay is known as a world center for divers.

1555075686_ambergris-keyAmbergris Kay

There are schools that hold competitions for athletes and teach beginners in diving skills. The inner wall of the barrier reef protects novice divers from strong waves and fast currents. The underwater world here is simply fabulous: the reef is home to more than 50 subspecies of corals and 160 species of brightly colored fish.

1555075819_ambergris-key-dayvingAmbergris Cay – coral reef

Experienced divers prefer to dive from the outside of the reef, and some daredevils dive into the large blue hole discovered by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. This giant hole at the bottom of the ocean looks mesmerizing even from the outside. This is a cylindrical formation with smooth, as if polished, walls.

1555076112_bolshaya-golubaya-dyraBig blue hole

At a depth of 70 meters, the entrances to the caves were discovered, which are interconnected by passages and form intricate labyrinths.

Other entertainment on the island and mainland:

In addition to scuba diving and relaxing on the beach, tourists are provided with other types of recreation.

– Excursions to the mangrove forests of the central part of the island are organized. True, they are not entirely safe, since encounters with a wild boar or jaguar are not excluded.
– Visit parks-reserves, a marine reserve, a forest reserve; the world’s only jaguar sanctuary; the Green Hills butterfly farm.
– Admire the picturesque waterfalls.
– Amateur cavers are exploring caves, many of which have not yet been explored.
– Visit architectural and historical complexes; ruins of ancient cities; ancient pyramids.
As you can see from the article, Belize provides a wide range of outdoor activities for all tastes. Now, the most important thing, it remains to recover to this amazing country and see everything with your own eyes!

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