Many people are accustomed to traveling on airplanes and behave with restraint and respect, and therefore may not understand why seemingly normal passengers may not be allowed on the plane, and in order for travelers themselves not to get into such a situation, it is important to remember what should not be done.

The list of prohibited actions is not so long and tricky, but all passengers will have to comply with it.

You may not be allowed on board due to:

1. Transfer of food from business class to economy class.

Such a situation does not seem dangerous or immoral, nevertheless, it is forbidden to do so, and if a passenger violates this rule, he may be dropped off during a transfer or even blacklisted by airlines. A similar situation is possible when a single group of people travels in different classes and a person just wants to share.

2. Stretching the legs into the aisle.

When the body becomes numb, the person tries to relax in any possible way, including stretching his legs into the passage, but for this he can easily be removed from the flight. The reason is that this disturbs both the rest of the passengers and the employees of the aircraft, respectively, the passenger must be notified of the ban in advance.

3. Incorrect / inappropriate behavior.

Inappropriate behavior includes inconvenience to other passengers, strange conversations and hallucinations, raising your voice and obscene language. Because of all this, the passenger can not only be dropped off during the transfer, but even make an emergency landing, moreover, a rather large fine is imposed on the perpetrator, and the proceedings can even reach a court. In some companies, aircraft personnel are allowed to use light weapons or physical force to tame violent passengers.

4. Wrong clothes.

Too revealing clothing is considered incorrect, as well as one that has offensive words and prints. It is also not recommended to refuse wearing underwear, even if the cut and fabric of the clothing allows you to hide all physical data. If a person is inappropriately dressed, then with a high probability he will not be allowed even on the plane, but the probability of being removed from the flight is rather small.

5. Smoking both regular and electronic cigarettes.

In addition to the fact that smoke can cause inconvenience to other passengers, it can trigger a fire alarm, and the pilot, in turn, will either have to lower the altitude or land the plane altogether. In some countries, this threatens to be blacklisted by carriers, and some additionally impose a large fine.

6. If the passenger is allergic to animals.

Some companies do not warn in advance that there may be animals on the plane; therefore, if a person has an allergy, then with a high probability they will not be allowed in, since the company does not want problems that may arise during the flight.
These are not the only rules due to which a person may not be allowed on board or disembarked, therefore, before the flight, they must be studied independently and comply with.

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