Avoiding crowded travelling, is it possible?

Avoiding crowded travelling, is it possible?

Nowadays, as travelling became more and more popular, many famous attractions are now usually overcrowded. It is easy to see a Paris, a Venice,etc with thousands of tourists. Therefore many people thinks there is no places on Earth undiscovered. In my point of view, I partly agree with that idea 

For package visitors that is true

It is undeniable fact that all of well-known bucket-list destinations are fed up. If you could heard about how amazing one is, the same happens with hundreds of others. Thus, day by day, year by year, these places keep attracting more tourists coming across.

Some may think that would bring back huge profits for the government. However, getting too many tourists will affect the service badly. It can be seen from some top 1 countries such as France, Italy and Thailand,etc. where you have to spend hours to wait for trains or buses. That’s pretty annoying.

lake, a lot of people travelling, street lamp, white statues
Overtourism in Venice

Moreover, the biggest drawback of this case is harming the environment. The more people coming, the more trash the city have to deal with. That is why overtourism is known as one of the reasons for world pollution.

However, it is not the same for independent travellers

Good news for those are backpackers is the Earth is not that small. Places which you could see in the must-go-attraction list do not cover it all. There are a lot of lands that you have not came yet.

The best tip is adding some less famous destinations in your list. Instead of choosing such a popular destination like Machu Picchu, Cusco or the Sacred Valley, when coming to Peru, you should consider Choquequirao or North Peru or any places not available on bus route as your stop. They might be not as beautiful as those famous destinations, yet, at least they are not jam-packed and who know whether their beauty would be popular someday.

The same is true for Argentina. A huge number of tourist come here every years to hang out in Salta. However, they usually skip Cafayate, which located not far away (nearly 3 hours driving). They have never see by their own eye its stunning view with sleepy, quiet hills covering all the towns. Besides, there are still many forgotten villages in the Salta which own such an unique features.

houses, road, two man standing, mountain, trees
There are still many forgotten villages in the Salta which own such an unique features.


Bolivia may be your ideal bargain where has so few tourists visiting that tourism is too unfamiliar for the locals. Similarly, Moravia in the South of Prague, opposite to the dense crowd others in same region, maintains the peaceful beauty through the whole year. The same is true for Poland unless you travel to Warsaw or Krakow. 

In fact, although Mexico has 31 states but 92 percent of arrival people choose to land in just 7 airports. Thus, you, as a backpacker still have at least 24 destinations to hang out here without facing any crowds.

Clearly, avoiding crowds is not that hard. Just checking out the on-trend places then take the others, get far away from those cities will bring back a quiet journey for you. Don’t keep wondering whether it is worthy to spend time in. There will be someday these destination will be on the list and again, crowded. They are now just undiscovered.

Wish you get the best trip.


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