Packing lighter, traveling better

Packing is such an essential preparation before you going on any journey. Many people usually carry so bulky luggages that they have to buy more weight value for their flight at the airport charging a significant amount of money. However, recent years, packing light has been a travelling trend for backpackers.

Advantages of packing lighter

First of all, why people now choosing to carry a lighter-weight luggage instead of heavy one like they used to do before?

Although some may say that packing heavy is the only way for them to carry enough stuffs, packing lighter would brings back a lot of benefits. Travelling means you have to move around so much more than usual. Therefore, carrying a backpack only, without any wheels and not too heavy will make it easier to travel on foot, especially when you go through cobblestone streets. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho suitcase wheels go through cobblestone street
Carrying a backpack only makes it easier to travel on foot

In addition, small train overhead racks are no longer a problem to tackle with. Also, there would not be any money spent for overloaded luggage value for flights.

Easier to pack light nowadays

As the world has transformed dramatically these years, with so many changes in various aspects, it is undeniable that packing light is not hard like it used to be in the past.

Due to the development of technology, there is so many fewer equipments carried during the journey. Particularly, the appearance of smartphone has erased some older inventions such as flashlight, alarm clock or music player, etc. Though some people still use some bulky professional camera or some love using speaker instead of earphones, the luggage weight still significantly decreases. 

Moreover, if you are a women struggling with packing toiletries in the lightest way, it is an ideal solution to buy a travel kit which has a number of extract bottles. Besides, if there are anything needed during the trip, you could easily get them later in local grocery stores.

small bottles and tubes in a case on a wooden background
It is an ideal solution to buy a travel toiletries kit which has a number of extract bottles

Another reason for packing light easier nowadays is because the weight of bags, clothing, shoes and almost everything else are lessened recently.

How to pack light?

Packing your clothing lighter is such a simple work unless you ignore 3 rules below:

  1. It is not heavy
  2. It can be washed in a sink then completely dry in the next morning
  3. They all match with each others

In fact, it is quite hard to put clothes in your suitcase without making it heavier in cold weather. When the temperature starts falling off, you have to wear such a thick and heavy coat to keep warm or otherwise wearing layer. Whatever the solution is, the weight keeps going up.

Yet, you can easily handle this problem with wool items. Although wool would cost much but it is really worthy. Wool clothes don’t get stinky after wearing a few days as well as keep you warm better than any materials. Additionally, the biggest pros of it is its feathery weight.

Another problem for many travellers is shoes. They usually brings at least 2 or 3 pairs of shoes. It seems very reasonable as each pair is match with each condition: one for running, the other for hiking and the last for business. However, multi-purpose shoes could solve it all.

two people sitting and wearing shoes, white shoes and blue shoes
Multi-purpose shoes could solve it all.

A familiar solution is used for clothes. Many outfits made by huge brands are now available with a casual-enough look for an officer as well as an active and quickly-dry for an explorer.

Remember, it is ok to look just ok when you are travelling. Therefore, choose a pants which mix-and-match with a number of tops. It is necessary to make sure that you have enough clean clothes to wear.

Last but not least, don’t forget to always bring a personal water purifier by your side. It not only helps you minimize the number of carry-with things but also saves the environment.

That’s all about packing light for you all backpackers. Do you have any more ideas about lessen your package weight? Tell us below.








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