Travelling opportunistically, should or should not?

Travelling opportunistically, should or should not?

Well, first of all, it is such an undeniable fact that everyone love on sale items. I means who does not love spending less money for a thing?

Yet, that is not only true for shopping but also for traveling. Particularly, “on sale” destinations here, in other words, are abandoned tourist attractions. They are usually avoided by tourists because of diseases such as SARS, bird flu, swine flu, Zika, Ebola,etc or terrorism, or may be some political demonstration.  

square with house in the middle, two people riding a bike crossing the square
North Korea is rarely visited by travellers due to its political problems

Therefore, there is a huge controversy happening for years about whether or not get benefits by travelling to these destinations. In my point of view, it’s totally fine to be an opportunistic traveller sometimes as it brings pros for both you and local residents.

Advantages for visitors

To begin with, these pariah cities would be such bargains for those are brave backpackers. The first and the most obvious benefit is a surprisingly low cost you could be charged. As there are no longer crowded, the city has to find the way to attract more tourists and that including decreasing the service costs.

The examples could be seen in Argentina or Turkey where the cost drops off to the lowest for ten years by now. Mexican peso has been also experiencing a dramatic fall recently.

decorated ceramic things on the shelf
Prices in Turkey has dropped off drastically recently

Particularly, a travel blogger reported a $350 travel in Indonesia for 5 weeks after a fire happening in its capital. With that incredibly cheap budget, he and his wife spent nights in a luxury hotels which they had never could afford before and had meals in a restaurant which normally pricey.

Moreover, travelling in such a pariah place means you have a chance to experience that same beauty but not crowded and clearly, with a far much better service. Therefore, it can be obviously seen as “an opportunity of a lifetime”.    

Advantages for local people

Not only being such a beneficial chance for tourist, visiting an abandoned tourist attraction also bring backs some positive effects for local people’s life.

When there is something bad happening and all business suddenly stops, their life become harder and therefore, a lot of donations are given. People in other places keeps spending money as they thinks that the best way for locals to recover from tragedy.

Although it is such a kind of you at that time but unfortunately, not a long-term solution. In fact, what the locals really need is getting back to normal. The donations may help them permanently to tackle with their financial problems, help them to recover their cities. Yet, unless the business is come back to the way it used to be, their life would be really risky and rely on helping hands. 

people holding things on hands, walking through dessert, sky, sandy ground
Locals in pariah places need to get their business back to normal

Thus, visitors at that tough time, in the locals eyes, are truly savers. People here would appreciate if there is anyone who does not look at them with a feeling of pity and treat them as usual. That’s why it is understandable when the locals may send you a warmer welcome than ever before.

To conclude, being opportunistic when choosing a place experiencing a hard time to travel is totally fine. It is even encouraged to do sometimes.


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