3 advices to save your travel-around-the-world budget

Have you ever wondered why some could take couples of around-the-world trip so easy though it seem so expensive? And keep asking yourself why it is not true for you at all even though you have followed exactly what some guide-for-cheapest-tour articles said? 

Well, the answer is the basic difference between an experienced budget tourist and a first-time one. While people taking a lot of that kind of trips before know and avoid things that could make them broke, the amateur one usually plan their first trip so dreamy then cut things off their list. After all, they get a hard trip with famous destinations and terrible services.

In order to plan your budget journey like an expert, just throw away your previous plan and make a new one with three advices below.

Carefully choosing places

Making a smart choice on where to go can be everything if you are sort of budget. Big cities and popular attractions could be crazy expensive and while travelling there it is essential to look at every pennies spent. Otherwise, the easier way to have a wonderful trip with a free mind is adding some cheap places in your list. 

a model of the earth held in hand, mountainy view
Making a smart choice on where to go can be everything if you are sort of budget

Wanna spend time in Europe without going broke on the road? The solution is crossing Paris, London, Germany,etc. off and consider Eastern Europe as a great bargain. A price for a large bedroom for two here is as same as one for a tiny hostel single bed in Amsterdam. With the money paid for dinner in a week in Bulgaria, it is impossible for you to have the second one in Switzerland. In the other words, an Europe trip can cost you only $50 a day if you know the way.

Take it slow

Transportation fees are things that make your budget out of control. Clearly, if you plan to travel 10 countries in two weeks, it will cost you more than double of which a five-country plan will. Why it is more than double but not double? Because with such a rushing time, you have to pay for a long-haul flight or a long-time train or bus. Whatever it is, the amount of money spent out is not small.

Thus, my advice is just take it slow. As you know public transportations in almost every country is really cheap. For example, $32 is the price for a five-hour bus in Mexico while a local bus costs you only 40 cents. Slowing down your journey, planning it for a few weeks or even a month, give you an opportunity to travel on your feet or taking buses or subways and minimize the budget.

a map, shoes, sunglasses, camera, hat, phone, watches, on the wooden background
Slowing down your journey, planning it for a few weeks or even a month will decrease money spent.

If you have numerous of places where you have never been and want to go, save them for later and slowly experience one or two per time. It is not that easy for a country or even a continent disappear ,therefore there is no reason for being so hurry.

Go on a cluster

If you want to go many countries at once and at the same time save your money, clusters are great options for you. It is also the reason why South East Asia has been such a popular areas for backpackers. It is not only about their attractions, but mainly because taking one flight only then you can hit severals of them all by going overland.

plane flying in sky , above clouds in the sunset
Going on a cluster is an ideal option to save budget

Not only it can be done in such far far away places, you can find a cheap cluster in the US or Canada starting in Mexico or Guatemala. British usually find their cheap cluster in the Eastern part by taking a flight to Budapest or Prague. Just go on the Internet and find out the best option for you.

In conclusion, travelling around the world is not necessary to be expensive. In fact, you can cut down the cost by considering these three features. Hope you get the best.


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