All you should know about Greek cuisine

Located in Europe, Greece as well as its food culture has been born for 2 millennia. Although nowadays its food may not the top of the world due to so many unique dishes in countries, the food of Greece is still the oldest and the most popular of them all.

Where a lot of food and food-related things were born

As Greece was born decades ago , it is easy to understand why almost every dishes you could have here have been available since the time when legendary characters like Homer, Aristotle and Jesus are still alive. Nowadays, through years, Greek food is so pervasive that it can be anywhere in the world, it is the origin of so many cuisine that people may have no idea. 

It has been a huge controversy about the origin of yogurt, feta, lentil soup and olive oil, etc. However, major of people believe that Greece is where they are first cultivated. Due to what is written in Greek Mythology about a man standing on grapes and make them ferment, Greece is also bet to be the first place in the world make and produce wine in a large quantities. The first cookbook may written by a Greek named Archestratus in 350 BC. Furthermore, since the near shore area when on short of seafood, Greece has been one of some leading country started going fishing beyond sight of land.

a lot kinds of beans on the table
Beans have just been added in Greek food recently

There is also another interesting fact about Greek cuisine reported by a travel blogger. It is told that beans in recent years has been uses as a new ingredient in this Mediterranean country. The reason is, how strange it is, souls of dead are believed to stay in bean for a long time.

Super healthy and balance

There is nothing to worry about when you eating Greek cuisine as it is well-known as a healthy diet. The variety of Greek food’s taste does not come from any complicated process but the numerous combination ways of such simple and fresh ingredients like fish, vegetables, cheese, milk,etc. Those combinations, although they are really creative but totally safe and tasty as they are all tested in reality through thousand years.

two bowls of salad on the tables, folks, cranberries
Greek cuisine is well-known as a healthy diet

Additional, Greek meals are usually end up with a glass of wine which is a habit proved to bring backs some significant benefits for human health.

Thus, it is completely true to say Greek cuisine is “a reputation of leading a long life and heart disease”.

Affordable cost

Some may say the cost of Greek food is high as same as its quality. However, it is not that pricey unless you have one in tourist areas such as some islands including Santorini or Mykonos. 

inside a restaurant, people serving and eating
Local restaurants will be cheaper than those in tourist areas

If you have no idea about the information of local eating places, it is a better idea to follow a local guide to have a meal. The price of food in Greek restaurant depends on what kind of people dining there. The restaurants where usually serves local people always offer food with a way cheaper cost.

Those are all the information about Greek cuisine. Wish you have great experiences.





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