Cheap and pricey, all happen in a trip to Peru

Cheap and pricey, all happen in a trip to Peru

Located in Western of South America, Peru is well-known as an interesting tourist attraction. Although it is believed to be such an expensive place, for many experienced backpackers, Peru is still a bargain. Why that could possibly happen? It all depend on the way you travel.

Peru can be such an expensive attraction

Well, it is the truth that the money spent for a trip to Peru can cost you at least $1000 a day if you know the way. And this way is not that hard. Just have a night in a top hotel in town then have dinner in a nice restaurant and you go half of it. It can be seen from the price of a night in a standard room (offering a king-size bed and a shower, without any exterior views ) of Belmond Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge which is $1,600 – the lowest cost of them all. Or may be a $50-dinner in a great restaurant in Cusco.

 Belmond Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, bed with white wrap, white curtains, mountains
Just have a night in a top hotel in town then have dinner in a nice restaurant and it will cost you a huge amount of money

Additionally, visiting price could also a factor making your travel budget rocketing. Although comparing to other famous destinations, ticket price of the travel route to Cusco and Machu Picchu via the Sacred Valley is far cheaper, you still have to pay from $200 to $300 in cash including a two-way train to Machu Picchu, one day visiting, Huaynu Picchu hiking, and a night in town and that price does not consist a nearly $50 multi-ticket for each Cusco and Sacred Valley journeys.

In fact, as all of the $1600 room are usually sold out, especially in weekends in May, there are a lot of visitors willing to pay that cost even though that may be too high for them but they may accept that as normal without any idea about how to reduce it.

Peru can actually be an ideal destination for budget tourists

However, for those are budget travellers, do not be afraid, just go ahead, add Peru in your list as it could be really cheap. Instead of spending a night in a luxury hotel, you can save a huge amount of money by sleeping in a $7 or $13 hostel. You can choose from many of them with that range of money which are available in HostelBookers. They are usually located in Lima or Cusco. 

living room, sofa, wooden stair, painted wall, people sitting on the couch
Cusco hostels are not as bad as it seems

In fact, it is not as bad as it seems. Every of them still offers a sitting area, steaming hot shower with clean tower, a satellite TV, breakfast and free fast wifi. You even can find a bottle of Argentina wine, a bar of Ritz crackers, a bar of cheese and a Slim Jims which are totally as same as Peru fancy hotel. The only difference is in here they are all way cheaper than they’re supposed to be in that kind of hotel.

Even travelling cost is no longer a matter as it can be solved when you travel by yourself with local buses, local markets, and a night in Pisac or Chinchero.

Why could that happen?

Again, the key to reduce the cost as much as possible is slowing down your journey. Being hurry makes it cost so much more than it could be. Instead of fasting and skipping steps by choosing service, you could even spend weeks in Peru and using their local stuffs such as buses, markets, restaurants,etc. For examples, in Peru you can try to visit Arequipa and the Colca Canyon where due to the small numbers of tourists, the prices are localised and lessened.

mountains, deep canyon in the middle
In Peru you can try to visit the Colca Canyon where prices are localised


That is not only true in Peru but also in the whole wide world. It can obviously be seen in India where once known as an expensive places but now coming an ideal choice for backpackers. It is because instead of paying thousands dollar for a night in plush palace hotel in Rajasthan or a fancy train trip, experienced budget tourists will choose a $4-per-night guesthouse. The same is true for trip to Thailand, Mexico or Hungary,etc.

Remember to take it slow then almost every places on Earth can be your bargain.

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