Be realistic about your prospects

What are realities of an expat life?

Realities of an expat life

The idea of living oversea is a fantasy for many people, but it’s important not to forget that expat life isn’t all about parties and weekend trips. What’s expat life like after the initial sparkle fades away?

You’ll feel like you’re starting again

Sorting out a visa before arrival
Sorting out a visa before arrival

If you move to a foreign country, particularly the one where you don’t understand the language, you’ll feel as if you’re starting life over from the start of adulthood. It is need for you to bolster your academic credentials so as to get a step ahead.

At the very least, you’ll need to learn the local language. Even if you don’t have a plan to use this language as your primary one of work or communication, familiarity with a local language will support you immeasurably when it comes to practical matters. Whether it’s sorting out matters with telling the cashier how you want to pay for your bill or the municipality, learning a foundation of the local language will surely make your living in an abroad city a lot easier. Besides, speaking the local language shows respect and understanding of the society that you’re becoming a part of.

Working out practical stuff in advance

Depending on how powerful your passport is, a tourist visa will last three months at most. In a lot of countries, finding jobs in the country or attending interviews is a violation of the terms of a tourist visa. That’s the reason why you should find jobs in advance.

There are numerous things you had better have lined up before you step on the aeroplane and start your expat life:

  • Have work lined up, acceptance to a university program, or plans for being an entrepreneur or digital nomad. Be careful about the visa requirements. Acclimatize yourself to the local business culture.
  • Arrange accommodation before you fly to the oversea country. If there is your family or friends, you can stay with them if possible. It might make your first few days feel a little more comfortable.
  • Arrive with about a half year’s worth of savings just in case. That amount of money will differ based on your situation and the cost of living in the country you’re moving to. However, be prepared for all costs. When you don’t know anyone in a new destination, you might go out all times to meet people, which is an expensive endeavour.

Be realistic about your prospects

Be realistic about your prospects
Be realistic about your prospects

Your new job prospects might not be ideal in new country, especially following the global financial crisis. Try not to trick yourself into thinking that you don’t like your job and that living in a foreign city can change everything. The reality is that other countries also have offices with jobs that you might not like; the difference in your expat life lies in how you approach your career prospects.

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