Travelling off season is not a smart saving step

Saving travelling budget is one of the most popular concerns and targets of backpackers. Although there are a lot of ways to reach it, clearly, going off season is not one of them.

Going off season is not a smart choice

It can obviously be seen that going off season is such the worst thing you can do for your trip. There are a lot of examples of many tourists that you could learn from. It is Machu Picchu in February when there are not any trains to get out of Aguas Caliebtes and the Inca Trail is closed for a month. Or it is Playa del Carmen in nearly October when you rarely see the sky with sun.

sea, sand, mountain and the dark sky
The weather in Playa del Carmen in nearly October

Well, some may refuse as a lot of restaurants and hotels are still opened through the whole year. Yet, it is just for commercial reasons. Many tourist still accept the risk and travel off season which means there are still opportunities to make money. Moreover, in order to earn profits, a lot of tour company advertise “Green season” in tropical countries. However, don’t get fool of it, you should know it is the rainy time of the year when the sky hardly bright with sunshine and everything are wet.

Choose to go on shoulder season instead

If you wanna travel at the time when it isn’t overtourism and at the same time, not the worst time of the year, shoulder season would be your ideal choice.

Don’t think shoulder season as the same as low season. Low season will be such a mistake but shoulder season is totally a different story. There are still many tourist at this time, as the condition, particularly the weather condition, is still great. Yet, it’d better to share with dozens than share with thousands of them. 

beach with yellow sand, umbrellas people hanging around, green bushes
A Caribbean beach in shoulder season

In fact, you could enjoy an on-shoulder-season travel in southern hemisphere countries such as South America, Africa, New Zealand or Australia,etc. 

Choosing your destination flexibly

The key to choose a right place to go in an appropriate time is widen your list. Setting a backup plan and research many more attractions to choose from. Go google search or Skyscanner to find them out.

Firstly, you could add to your list some safe spots that hardly hit by hurricane such as Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao or Granada, Trinidad. There is also a bargain which is beaches in Columbia if you are a budget traveller.

Another option is getaway from the going-to-the-beach idea and go straight forward to other kind of travelling in Southern Europe, North Africa or South-East Asia.

colorful building, riverside
You can choose to go to some Southern Europe countries instead of going to beaches

Some Atlantic coast areas in Southern America would also be a great choice as the water, even in September and the first-mid of October is still warm and suitable for underwater activities. Despite of the fact that typhoons usually head to this area, yet, it is way better than the Gulf of Mexico.

Deciding whether or not going off season depend on your kind of travel

It is reasonable to travel off season sometimes to try your luck if you plan to travel for a long time. It is because though in the worst time of the year, there may be some surprisingly good day. And if that day come, you would hardly get it unless you are on the road.

people pointing on map, a model of plane, a cup of coffee, a camera
It is reasonable to travel off season sometimes to try your luck if you plan to travel for a long time

However, if you are a vacation tourist, don’t take risk as you may waste your precious time in a bad destination.

In conclusion, going off weather, in almost every cases, is not a great choice. Before deciding your next destination, it is important to do some research about when to go and so on.


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