Prague, a rare capital in Europe which has affordable prices

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republich and a 8-million-tourist-a-year attraction with gorgeous ancient buildings such as castles, kings, cobbled streets, medieval stone bridges,etc. As the same as many capital cities, prices in Prague is usually higher than other areas in the country (often 50% or even 100% higher). 

However, in my point of view, it is still way much better than other capitals of Eauropean countries. Thus, I firmly agree that Prague is a bargain for backpackers and experieced travellers.

Food and Drink costs

As it belongs to Czech Republic, beer price, of course, surprisingly cheap. You could drink a half of Pilsner Urquell, which is the most famous beer in Czech with only approximately 32 CZK, which means $1.5 USD. Therefore, it is understandable when Czech is reported as the countries consuming the biggest amount of beer. Particularly, the number is 148 liters per person a year.

bottles of Pilsner Urquell beer on the table
Pilsner Urquell is the most famous beer in Czech

Moreover, beer is not only cheap but it also get a high quality with various kinds you can choose from.

Not only beer is cheap, you can find an under-3-dollar lunch in the central of Prague easily. The most common lunch here is a whole grain or fresh-baked bun with a small piece of crispy ham. The bun costs only $0.15 each and a plate of salad is only $2.

Food and Drink costs

The closier to the central high hotel price is also applied in the cost of hotel in Prague. The price of a night in the downtown of this city is no under $90 for a regular 3-star hotel and it even can be up to $150. Besides, the amount of money would rocketing if you book a hotel room near the Charles Bridge or Old Town Square. Therefore, if you wanna stay in the center and at the same time save your budget, there is no way other than stay in a dorm room of a hostel which will charge you $19 a night.

Another options is plan your journey in the winter, when it is much colder in town and the price drops off dramatically. The price will not suddenly rise straight up unless the high season comes.

an old structured building, a statue
You should spend your relaxing time in the recommended outskirt of Prague, Celakovice

However, you should spend your relaxing time in the recommended outskirt of Prague, Celakovice if you wanna to save your budget. It is a great place with various of amenities such as a hugh town square with a church-bell towerm restaurants, bakeries, butchers and supermarket. Most of tourist (however, quite few of them coming here) choose to stay in a pension which equited quite well with kitchen, couch, bath,etc. A plus benefit is you can save more money as you can prepare your own meals.

Money spent for transportation


Going on a taxi is the fastest way to burn your money while you are travelling Prague. A 30-minute-only taxi ride would cost you up to $200. Although it has been much more affordable nowadays with set prices for a going-into-center taxi ride, you have to pay about $30 which is still expensive for a ride to the central.

If you wanna travel on a car with an affordable price, you can choose Uber or Liftago instead. Liftago is a local hiring car service which is recently available in Prague as well as in other cities of Czech.

liftago logo is show on a phone screen, inside a car
Liftago is a local hiring car service which is recently available in Czech


However, if you just need to hang out around the city only, the most suitable and cheapest way is going on your feet. It is, of course, for free and also really reasonable as most of Prague tourist attractions located not far away from each others. 

There are a lot of walking routes you can take in the central zone but the most popular of them all us the Royal Walk. It is a road running through Old Town, across Charles Bridge and even over Prague Castle.

a bridge through a river, a withe palace, houses with red rooftops
The famous Royal Walk in the center of Prague

Public transportation

If you intend to get to the other far-away area of Prague, there is also no need to get on a taxi as you can take a metro, tram or bus. The ticket price for public transportation in Prague quite cheap with only $1 spent for a one-way and $6 for full-day pass.

Metro station in Prague
Metro station in Prague

Admission and activity cost

Good news for those are on a tight budget is Prague is one of the city owning a lot of free-entrance attractions. 

As you walking through the city, there are a lot of museums which is built with unique structures and statues on the road. Old Town square, the Charles Bridge, castle walking-to route and the royal lawn which are all the best-known destinations are totally free and worth a try.

The Charles Bridge in Prague
The Charles Bridge in Prague

At lunch or even dinner, you could hang out in an underground restaurant. It is local, cheap and delicious with numerous choices.

Caution to trap

As Prague is a famous city, you have to hold a must-know rule tightly which is do not buy anything in a shop or restaurant at or near the popular destination unless you are willing to spend such a nonsensical amount of money.

That is all you should know about the prices in Prague, Czech. Just grab your things and let go to enjoy a great cup of beer.



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