Prepare to be surprised by Mexico City prices

There are a lot of ways to travel in your vacation: some love hanging around beaches, some prefer spending their time at mountain areas. Yet, if you are keen on exploring city life,Mexico City may be such a great bargain which is never crowded and definitely will charge you by a half of which you are supposed to spend in the USA or Canada

Accommodation prices in Mexico City

It is undeniable that the cost for a night in Mexico City’s hotel is way cheaper than it is in the U.S. It can be seen from a report of Trivago’s booking showing a surprisingly low cost of hotel room here. Particularly, a regular double room in Mexico City only charges you approximately $97 for a night spent. Although the price may fluctuate due to the time of the year, it is never over a number of 100, even in the high season. 

A well-known 5-star hotel in Mexico City
A well-known 5-star hotel in Mexico City

Comparing to its opponent in the U.S.A, Niagara Falls. A night here in the highest time of travelling usually cost around $157 and it does not show any drop to under $100 unless the winter comes.

Flight ticket price

The amount of money spent on international transportation, which is detaily a plane, is no longer a matter if you choose to hang out in Mexico City. A one-way ticket from Guanajuato to Mexico City only charges about $168. You would never find a ticket which is as cheap as this in any domestic flight in the US. 

Flight ticket cost is no longer your matter if you choose to hang out in Mexico city.
Flight ticket cost is no longer a matter if you choose to hang out in Mexico city.

Not only a domestic flight but also an international one is offered a great deal. Most of plane ticket from American states costs less than $400 for a two-way one. According to Skyscanner, international flight to Mexico city charges $313 for one from Toronto, $306 for one from Boston, 224 for one from New York,etc. With these prices, it can be seen as cheaper than those flying to another destinations of Mexico such as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta.

Inner city transportation

Different from many nations, taking a taxi ride in Mexico City will not burn your budget as fast as usual. A taxi using a meter will charge you $15 less than a pre-paid one for a route from the airport to your accommodation. It is even lower if you choose to book an Uber car which is recently available in Mexico City.

Taxis in Mexico City
Taxis in Mexico City

Despite of the fact that there is a metro system developed here, people prefer taking a taxi as it is not too expensive and much more convenient, especially for a trip from airport when they usually carry heavy luggages.

The costs for food in Mexico city

It is totally a truth to say Mexico City is a foodie land of the whole Latin countries. Here, you can enjoy various of delicious and fascinating food in numerous types of restaurant from street to a famous one ran by the best-known chefs. Moreover, the best thing about them is they’re all in such an affordable price. Unless you hang out in a super trendy restaurant, you only have to pay around 1 or 3 dollar for a street-food meal and from $2 to $8 for a meal in a regular restaurant.

Mexico City is a foodie land of the whole Latin countries.
Mexico City is a foodie land of the whole Latin countries.

Drinks here are also really cheap. For examples, a beer in bar usually costs only about $2 or $3 each cup and the price is a buck for a soda or fresh juice.

Furthermore, you can even save much more money if your pension have a fully-furnitured kitchen and you can prepare meal for yourself as fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables are incredibly cheap.

Entrance fee for tourist attractions in Mexico City

Last but not least, entrance fees for hang-out destinations in Mexico City are also worth to be added in the crazy-cheap-thing list while you travel here. You can find it easy to spend a whole day in such a huge and interesting Museum of Anthropology with only 70 pesos which equals to less than $5 spent for a ticket.

Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City
Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City

It would also be so much fun for those buy a 13-dollar ticket to visit Frida’s Blue House on weekends. Or you can come and take a look at the pyramids of Teotihuacan by pay $35 for a packaged one consisting admission, transportation, and a guide.

In conclusion, it is reasonable for the site Numbeo to consider Mexico City living cost as the 448th of 524 cities in the entire world. Thus, what are you waiting for instead of immediately planning a trip to Mexico City?



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