Stable prices in stable bargain, Thailand

Thailand has been known for years as a famous and surprisingly cheap destination for tourists. Although nowadays there are thousands of travellers visiting Thailand every year even in a off season, it is still a great bargain maintaining such an affordable price.

Accomodation price in Thailand

Good news is the price for a night spent in Thailand is quite cheap and it has been exactly the same for a long time. A night at the best hotel in Chang which is one of the most popular attraction in Thailand only charges you about $69 consisting a buffet breakfast already. The cheapest place to stay which is a fine hostel room with shared bath costs even under $7 per night.

A luxury hotel in Thailand
A luxury hotel in Thailand

Moreover, if you stay in Bangkok, you will find it easy to find a hotel room offering even 4 or 5-star service,yet with a cheap price. It is because hotels here usually have big discount for attracting as many tourists as possible. A lot of great deals are found on or Trivago (available in Bangkok only).

Food and drink costs in Thailand

Unless you wanna have meals in foreign restaurant such as a sushi one, food prices in Thailand are never big deals for your tight budget. Thai food is quite cheap and also available on street which a blogger spending only less than $1.50 but he/she ate so much street food.

The most suitable places to have a cheapie meal and also tasty are markets and food courts. It is only about $10 for a big dinner for two. Luckily, it is not hard to find one. Just hang out in streets or come across a cooled shopping mall and eat yours in such a air-conditioned atmosphere.  

A street restaurant in Thailand
A street restaurant in Thailand

Thailand also offers various kinds of restaurant, from a simple to a luxury one. However, if you avoid places which serves a lot of tourists or Japanese businessmen, the price range is usually lower than a half of which in your country. 

In term of drinks, it is undeniable to say beer is the most expensive one in Thailand due to high alcohol taxes. A 12-ounce cup of beer in Chang costs you at least 60 baht and it can be up to 100. Thus, if you really wanna an alcohol drink, choose a cocktail with Thai rum instead.

However, if you have a chance to travel Thailand, don’t forget to try some juice as there are numerous kinds of fresh fruit here such as oranges, mango, pomegranate,etc.

The cost of Thailand’s transportation

Due to the fact that traffic in Thailand, most of the time, is such a mess, not only tourists but also the locals choose to travel inner-city by metro or skytrain. Both systems are quite modern with electronic touch cards and annually updated technology. They are also available with an affordable price which is from 40 to 69 cents depends on the distance. 

Rush hour in Bangkok
Rush hour in Bangkok

However, if you wanna get on a taxi. It is really pricey unless you make sure that the driver use a meter. Transportation in the city is familiar in most of Thailand areas, yet, it can be slightly increase in those islands less developing in tourism.

Besides, travelling from this city to another in Thailand is also not pricey if you take a train or a bus. Furthermore, if you book ahead a domestic flight of a local Thailand airline, the ticket can be offered a great deal.

Other prices

There are still a lot of things to spend for in to-do list in Thailand. However, in order to save as much money as possible, it is necessary to hold tightly a rule which is the price will get lower in less popular spots and the opposite is true for better-known ones.

Souvenirs in Thailand
Souvenirs in Thailand

To conclude, these are information about the prices of essential things to spend money on while you are travelling Thailand. As it is still a cheapie spot despite of its fame, just hurry up and book a trip to Thailand.



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