Cheapest Places to Live in Europe - Bulgaria

Cheapest Places to Live in Europe

Cheapest Places to Live in the world – Europe

What are the cheapest places to live in Europe? In the previous blog, we have discovered the cheapest place to live in Latin America. In this article, we will share with you some of top 3 cheapest places to live in Europe. Let’s read on to find out those countries.


Cheapest Places to Live in Europe - Albania
Cheapest Places to Live in Europe – Albania

I’m Placing Albania in the peak of the list for inexpensive residing in Europe for 2 reasons: adequate weather and a year-long tourist visa. But because of the weather, it is on the Adriatic Sea above Greece and across from Italy, so it’s sunny and warm a lot of the year. There are beaches to research, mountains to hike, and a capital city that’s not too choked with traffic (yet). If you feel that the best place to live in the world is Europe, this cheap nation may check off a lot of your boxes.

I’m placing these two independent countries together here Because they have similar costs and are right next to each other. They’re north of Albania, so can get a bit warmer in winter. , Both have magnificent mountains and outdoor experiences, though Bosnia and Herzegovina don’t have the pretty shoreline Montenegro does. Both of these countries are not a part of the Schengen agreement, so in theory, at least you can stay 90 days, depart the country, then return again using a fresh visa for another 90 days if you’re from a developed nation.

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Cheapest Places to Live in Europe - Bulgaria
Cheapest Places to Live in Europe – Bulgaria

Long a favorite For Europeans looking for a cheap place to retire, Bulgaria is clearly one of the cheapest places on earth to buy a house. To place the cheap property prices in view, a home can be a used Toyota Sedan if you’re eager to live in the countryside. At less than $900 per square meter, even a city flat is going to be a fraction of what you’d probably pay where you live now. You do get considerable winters, but from late spring through autumn it’s magnificent and there’s a surprising number of green space around the nation.

You can easily find a 3-bedroom flat or house to rent for Under $500 a month, especially outside of the capital of Sofia, plus food and beverage prices are a deal. You can get around cheaply by train or bus. Bulgaria is not part of the Schengen zone, which means it’s possible to stay longer than three months if you exit and return.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia

The Czech Republic and Slovakia
The Czech Republic and Slovakia

These two states were once one and they share a comparable Culture and language. Prices are also similar, though you need to eliminate Prague and Bratislava in the inexpensive living equation unless you get out of the center. Both are overrun with tourists, the latter since it is a significant river cruise stop. Secondary cities like Bruno and Kosice are going to provide a much better value and if you are a beer lover, you might discover any location in these countries to be your very best place to live on the planet.

Both Countries have good wine, even better beer, and plenty of attractive Countrysides to explore. The Czech Republic is among the best countries in the World for cyclists, with lots of designated greenways away from visitors. The two Have real winters, but decent places to ski for inexpensive as a consolation. Be advised these two are at the Schengen zone, However, so Just 3 months are permitted if you are not a resident.

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