Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

9 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

Best ways for eco-friendly travel

How to have an eco-friendly travel? The Traveller’s Blog will share with you top 10 practical tips for eco-friendly environment. In this article, we will put together some methods below to help you become an eco-friendly traveller.

Do not Bag It

Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel
Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

It’s clear that plastic bags can’t biodegrade until 500 years after. Therefore, to be an eco-friendly traveller, you should minimize the plastic bags you use when travelling. A solution is that you can bring with you a re-useable shopping bag when going shopping or wrapping your packages.

Pack Light

When travelling abroad, remember to pack light. This is one of the most effective tips for eco-friendly travel because when flying, every kilo counts. This is because the more a plane weighs, the more emissions it produces. So don’t forget to only pack what you really need, it’s good for the environment.

Share the Load

One of the best tips for eco-friendly travel that you should keep in mind is to take public transport. On travelling, you can share the load to reduce the emissions from vehicles. Besides, this is a good way for you to grow your travel experience as well as provide you with chances to socialize with locals.

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Enjoy a Near Beer

Best ways for eco-friendly travel
Best ways for eco-friendly travel

Enjoying a near-beer is also a good method for eco-friendly travel. You can give yourself a locally brewed beer and beer mileage will be cut down, resulting in low-carbon. Also, you can enjoy a high-quality ale. This also works when you having local produce.

Be at Home In a Hotel

To become an eco-friendly traveller, you can also act like you would be at home when you are travelling in another destination. In a hotel, do not get clean towels if not necessary or have long showers. Also, remember tp turn of electronic devices such as TV, lights, and aircon when you leave the room.

Choose a Carbon Offset Adventure

Of couse, not all of carbon emissions can be prevented on your traveling. However, you can choose for you and your family a carbon offset adventure when then carbon emissions are calculated and reduced as much as possible. In those trip, the emissions from transportation, lodging, waste and activities have been accounted for and the cost of transportation is included in the expense of the excursion.

Avoid Bottled Water

Not only plastic bags have a major negative impact on the environment but the bottles also do the same. Therefore, you should avoid bottled water to reduce these plastic bottles which accounts for so much waste. Plastic bottles account for a lot of waste. When travelling abroad, you can book the hotels in which the water filters are set up to utilize to fill re-usable bottles with secure water.

Stick to the Path

When hiking, don’t forget to marked trails and preserve a safe distance from any other animals you pump into. Going off the beaten path could indicate you trample on protected or endangered plants.

Power in Numbers

The smaller the group is, the less impact on the environment the group can have. That’s the reason why travelling with a small group tour will be friendlier to the environment. Before booking your tour, you can ask the guide what size our group is going to be.

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