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Free Things to Do in New Orleans

What are best free things to do in New Orleans?

What are free things to do in New Orleans? Known as one of the most popular cities in America, New Orleans attracts more than ten million tourists and conventioneers per year. Therfore, it’s hard to you to have a good accomodation without booking to reserve your hotel in advance. This is the same with those famous restaurants.

In this article, The Traveller’s Blog will provide you with best free things to do and aee in New Orleans to soak up the magic of this city.

Visit the Above-ground Graves

Visit the Above-ground Graves
Visit the Above-ground Graves

One of the best free things to do in New Orleans that we pick the first is to visit the Above-ground Graves. It’s no doubt that you are unable to step into the best-known St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 without taking part in an organized history tour. Of course, you can enter the Graves providing that one of your relatives was buried inside.

Due to the fact that the city is at sea level, there are numerous other sites that you can wander. The ways to get to the lands of the dead is Lafayette Cemeteries 1 and 2, otherwise, you can take the Gates of Prayer Cemetery, all in the Garden District just off the St. Charles streetcar line.

Listen to Local Musicians

Listen to Local Musicians
Listen to Local Musicians

Another one of the free things to do in New Orleans is to enjoy Local Musicians. For sure, one of the motivations for travellers to visit the Big Easy is the music. Isn’t it? A large number of the clubs on Frenchmen Street don’t have a cover charge. Therefore, it’s no need for you to open your wallet unless you pay for drinks.

The other option is in the open air. The street musicians in Jackson Park may not be at top but it doesn’t mean they’re not excellent. Also, you can enjoy legally drink in public in New Orleans. Besides, there are a lot of free concert series in New Orleans between March and May as weel as throughout Spring and Fall.

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Have a Picnic in a Park

When visiting New Orleans where there ie the largest parks in the USA, don’t forget to have a picnic in a park. In this city, the center park was constructed in 1854 and streches out over 13,000 acres.

Moreover, this park hosts the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden. Closer tourists can visit Woldenberg Park by the river near the French Quarter and Audubon Park Uptown, near Tulane University.

Ride a Bike Along the Levee

The last free activity we want to introduce with you is to ride a bicycle along the Levee. You can borrow or rent a bike from your friends or your hotel to take a ride from Audubon Park. It’s up to 27 miles heading north on the Mississippi River Trail.

Throughout the rise, you can enjoy the top of the actual levees keeping the Mississippi River from flooding the city. It promises to be an unforgettable experience.

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