Reasons for visiting Bhaktapur in Nepal

Reasons for visiting Bhaktapur in Nepal

Why Bhaktapur is a must-see city on your Nepal trip?

What are reasons for visiting Bhaktapur in Nepal? What makes Bhaktapur a must-see destination in Nepal? Nepal is an Asia nation with stunning beauty. Travellers choose Nepal for their fascinating city, breath-taking mountains or the Kathmandu valley…Also, if you are heading to this country, Bhaktapur is also a must-see destination that you shouldn’t neglect.

In this article, The Traveller’s Blog will offer you some of many reasons you should visit Bhaktapur. Let’s read on to know more about this chaotic capital of Kathmandu.

Get around Bhaktapur

Reasons for visiting Bhaktapur in Nepal
Reasons for visiting Bhaktapur in Nepal

If you want to visit the Kathmandu Valley, make sure you don’t forget Bhaktapur. There are 3 valley’s medieval Newari cities, including Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is the third city and the best-preserved although it went through the damage of the 2015 earthquake. The highlight of this ancient city is the car-free center. This offers both locals and tourists pleasure of walking on cobbled streets.

Also, travellers will be surprised by the architecture and culture of this city. You can easily see temples on every corner as well as bustling street markets. Also, arts and crafts are produced wherever you turn.

Reasons for visiting Bhaktapur in Nepal

It’s said that Bhaktapur is a place that you must visit on your trip to Nepal, especially if you are in love with. So what are the reasons for visiting Bhaktapur in Nepal?

Ancient heritage 

One of the main reasons for visiting Bhaktapur in Nepal is its ancient heritage. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, this city is famous for a large number of traditional Newari architecture. The breath-taking buildings here boasts the classic red brick exteriors and complex pattern. For example, Nyatapola Temple, the striking example of architecture in Bhaktapur, is well-known for its soaring five-tier roof.

Local food

What are reason for visiting Bhaktapur in Nepal?
What are reasons for visiting Bhaktapur in Nepal?

Make sure you don’t miss Bhaktapur if you want to try the most traditional and unique cuisine of this nation. Bhaktapur is not only famous for the Newari culture but also the food. In this area, you can easily find numerous homely meals on the menu that it’s hard to see anywhere else in Nepal. For example, don’t forget to call Samay Baji, which is made up of many small bites. This kind of food is an authentic Newari dish that’s been passed down through generations.

You really can’t leave Bhaktapur without trying the local yoghurt, Juju Dhau, also known as King Curd. This delicious yoghurt is served in clay pots at small shops around the city. Made from buffalo milk, it has a thick and creamy taste. It’s often called the best yoghurt in the world, and I really do have to agree!

Arts and culture

Arts and culture is also one of the main reasons for visiting Bhaktapur. The beauty of this city must have inspired the locals a lot. This results in a large number of wonderful masterpieces unique arts and crafts. When mentioning arts and culture in Bhaktapur, pottery is one of the most popular major crafts. When visiting this city, head down to Potters’ Square. You will have chances to witness the creation of local clay pieces.

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