Top Travel Tips to Albania That You Should Always Remember

Top Travel Tips to Albania That You Should Always Remember

Here are top travel tips to Albania to know before you travel

What are travel tips to Albania? What should you know before travelling to Albania? Before booking your trip to any destination, make sure you’ve do quick research on your destination. For example, you should know how to get there, what to do, see and eat…

It’s clear that Albania is becoming a potential attraction in Europe. As a hidden gem in Europe, Albania is famous for its natural beauty with breath-taking mountains and stunning beaches. However, Albania is still new to many people. That’s the reason why in this article, The Travellers’ Blog will offer you top must-read travel tips to Albania before your travel. Let’s read on!

Go with the flow

Go with the flow
Go with the flow

One of the top travel tips to Albania that you should know about this nation is to go with the flow. This is also the biggest tip that you should always keep in mind. When travelling to this country, you’d better relax and go with the flow! Don’t be disappointed if your bus is not on time or things don’t go your way. Albania is unlike many countries that you’ve been before. You can experience the real Albania by having no expectations with this nation.

Get used to the staring

If in your hometown, you aren’t used to being stared, you should get used to. The staring is something that you should get used to. This is common for Albania culture.

The staring is also one of the hardest things that tourists have to deal with when visiting Albania. People in Albania love people watching. So, don’t be offended if someone is staring at you in Albania.

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Say yes

Top Travel Tips to Albania That You Should Always Remember
Top Travel Tips to Albania That You Should Always Remember

To say yes is another one of the travel tips to Albania that we want to introduce to you. The hospitality in Albania is my most impressing part of this nation. No matter who you are or where you’re from or what you do for a living, you will be welcomed in Albania with open arms. People in Albania have world-class hospitality.

Therefore, when being invited for a dinner or drink, always say yes. This travel tip will make your trip so much more comfortable because you might be asked many times.

 Go to the Albanian Riviera

If you are heading to Albania just for Tirana, it’s a pity. Please make sure that you will visit the Albania Riviera, which is home of the most stunning beaches in not only this nation but also in Europe. There are numerous hidden caves, beaches and quaint villages for travellers to explore.

Eat the local food

Preparing to eat the local food is a travel tip to Albania that travellers should remember. If you are expecting to have great sushi or the finest salmon, you might be disappointed. When visiting Albania, instead of western food, you can try the local cuisine.  Eat what comes here in Albania!

For instance, if you are visiting the Albanian Riviera, don’t forget to try seafood.  It’s fresh, delicious and comes straight from the sea onto your dinner plate.

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