3 best cheap motel chains in the USA for a road trip

Here are 3 best cheap motel chains in the USA

Which are cheap motel chains in the USA? It’s true that on an American road trip, accommodations are of very importance. There are a lot of choices of motels for travellers. Some of the motels which are independent make travellers feel convenient. At the same time, some others are part of motel chains. Those chains operate across the country. This is the reason why a motel on the chain brings to adventurers comfort, familiarity and consistency.

In this article, The Traveller’s Blog will provide you with cheap motels chains in the USA so as to help you find suitable accommodation on your trip.

Motel 6

3 best cheap motel chains in the USA for a road trip
3 best cheap motel chains in the USA for a road trip

One of the most popular cheap motel chains in the USA that offers explorers a lot of services is Motel 6. A motel on this chain is a good choice for travellers after a long walking day. This is because Motel 6’s motel will provide guests with a certain level of comfort. Besides, the prices of these motels are kept as low as possible.

Despite the low price, Motel 6 is famous for the modern and stylish room, making guests satisfied. Thanks to a successful countrywide renovation program, Motel 6 is becoming one of the most popular motel chains in the USA.

However, in order to minimize the price, Motel 6 only provides guests with essential things. To be more specific, people need to pay extra so as to access to a motel’s wireless internet. Also, unlike many other motels, in Motel 6, you are not allowed to use shampoo or other amenities for free. Breakfast is not included nor offered but free coffee is provided in the morning.

So, Motel 6’s motel is a good choice if you want to save money during your road trip but still offers you a lot of comforts.

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Super 8

Here are 3 best cheap motel chains in the USA - Super 8
Here are 3 best cheap motel chains in the USA – Super 8

Super 8 is one of the other cheap motel chains. Super 8, which is part of Wyndham Worldwide, incorporates many other hotel and motel brands. As a result, this chain doesn’t not only operate in the USA but in many other nations with over 2000 locations.

Like Motel 6’s motels, Super 8 is also considered as one of the cheapest. However, breakfast and the internet is included in the price, which brings you more comfort.

In summary, Super 8 will be a better option, compared with Motel 6 in case you are willing to pay more for your stay.



When mentioning the best cheap motel chains in the USA, Travelodge will be the most well-known motel brand. This is because Travelodge offers wonderful accommodation throughout the USA as well as in the world. For an entire year, this chain was fully booked.

Travelodge’s motels are usually located in the center and offer on-site bar or a cage restaurant. Despite the low price, Travelodge’s of best value with superb quality. The employees are professional and kind, which for sure make your stay utmost comfortable and enjoyable. The rooms are modern with clean spacious shower room, a desk, a TV and WIFI. Travelodge is totally a good choice for your road trip.

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