Anna is a South American travel expert, tourism and expedition speaker, photographer and author for National Geographic. Anya visits Bolivia 1-2 times a year and for the anniversary 10 times she decided to share how to make Uyuni and Altiplano!

The places are so steep that I would recommend for photographers to set aside 5 days for the beginning of the rainy season. There is a chance to see Uyuni both dry and under a layer of water.

In 2018, there was a flood, in March we had one car drowned in Uyuni. In the presence of wind (and it is always there), the mirror does not stand in deep places.

Take some time to acclimatize and go in a small group, no more than 3 people in the car, go hiking. Be strong, hypoxene will help you :))

Be aware that if there are more than 3 people in the jeep, this is not comfortable, especially for those who will sit in the back. There is no difference in height between the seat and the floor, the person will sit with their face on their knees.


The steepest route from Tupitsa, inside the Eduardo Avaroa National Park there are quite cool hotels and very soulful lodges, a lot of new construction.

The island of Pescado is a must-see at dawn, the cactus forest is amazing! Some cacti are 800 years old.

A 1-day excursion to the salt marsh is the worst thing that can be done considering the time and money spent on air. But it is worth allocating 1 night from the tour to Bolivia to go to the salt marsh at night from Uyuni and see the steepest Milky Way standing like a rainbow on the salar.

Now in every village there is a hot shower on a gas cylinder and hotel rooms where you can accommodate two people instead of six 🙂

Choose a long acclimatization so as not to spoil your whole experience. There will be questions, ask)

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