The highest point on Earth, located on the border of Tibet and Nepal, is Mount Everest. This mountain is also called Chomolungma, which is translated from Tibetan as “Mother of the Gods”, and Sagarmatha – from Nepali. Few have not heard of her, but many dreamed and still dream of conquering her. But, perhaps, several compelling reasons can make someone change their minds, abandon this practically impossible idea, and someone, on the contrary, will flare up even more with interest.
The height of the extreme point of Everest reaches 8,848 meters above sea level, but the climbers’ dream is the neighboring peaks, which also reach a height of 8 thousand meters. The most famous of them are Dhaulagiri, Cho Oyu, Annapurna. More than 8 thousand people conquered Everest, almost 3.5 thousand did it repeatedly, and about 300 died.

1. Difficult deadly route
The complexity of the path depends on various factors, which not every trained climber can cope with, and for beginners it will be more difficult several times more.
At an altitude of about 5 thousand meters, the amount of oxygen begins to decrease, and the higher, the more difficult. A sharp climb without acclimatization can lead to altitude sickness and death. On the route, there are several camps at different altitudes, where the body can get used to the mountain air.
Another not very pleasant factor that makes the path to the top difficult is traffic jams from people. Recently, this attraction has been in great demand among tourists, which is why crowds are formed. Many people go unprepared and therefore a lot of time is spent on the ascent. The path consists of ladders through glacial cracks, the depth of which can reach several hundred meters, some are simply afraid to go through them, and someone completely falls down with a safety net, and lifting a person out of the glacier also takes time.

2. The dead are left on the mountain
Anyone who nevertheless decided to climb to the highest point of the World must understand that in case of an unsuccessful ascent, in the event of his death halfway, or at the very top, he will remain there forever. Because the descent of bodies from the mountain is a very difficult, almost impossible process. At one of the stopping points on the way to Everest, there is a memorial in memory of the people who died on it.

3. Very high cost.
Due to the popularity of Chomolungma and the ascent to it, the guides, without which it is almost impossible to get to the top, but there have been cases, often overestimate the cost of this already expensive tour. Equipment, insurance, accompanying and service personnel, all this varies from 50 to 70 thousand dollars.

4. Less dangerous way to see the highest mountain
The most pleasant and safe way to approach the alluring and dangerous Everest without threat to health and life is an inexpensive tour on a ten-seat plane from the capital of Nepal – Kathmandu. The flight lasts an hour, during this time from the windows and the cockpit, which remains open, you can have time to see the stunning beauty of the Himalayas, many peaks, in addition to Chomolungma, and remember this journey forever.

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