Leave all your fears and prejudices at home, at least for the duration of the trip.

Tune in for an adventure, turn off European local dining requirements and just enjoy. You don’t need to think about which hands you put roti on your plate (these are Indian flatbreads), or when the hood was last washed in the kitchen. Although what I mean, they do not have hoods.


Did you know that if you don’t wash your hands before eating in Asia, absolutely nothing will happen?

For those who continue to be afraid anyway, here are some tips to help you in Asia:

  • If within a radius of 500 meters, you could not find a single tourist establishment, and there are only one street cafes around, then go to where the locals eat. This is a sure sign that the food here is tasty and of high quality, otherwise the locals would not come back here.
  • During the author’s tour to China, we were taught that all appliances can be doused with boiling water before eating. If there is no boiling water, then even tea will do. If possible, you can ask for hot water and process the dishes.
  • In some places, especially in Sri Lanka, they put a regular plastic bag on the plate. In this case, two birds with one stone were killed at once: you don’t need to wash the dishes, and eat, one might say, from the cleanest dishes.
  • You will be very lucky if you can eat spicy food, because chili is known to kill germs. It is for this reason that spicy food is so popular in Asia.
  • Alternatively, you can carry chopsticks with you and eat only with them.
  • Also, all food here is either fried or boiled, so all products are cooked and you can feel safe.

Finally, the best advice is to be open to new experiences, trust the world and join the stream of life of the country you are going to.

Text: Irina and Natalia (Travel Now Or Never), travel experts

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