Rest in Bashkiria is considered one of the most attractive regions for tourism, which attracts with protected forests, untouched nature and historical monuments.

Kapova cave

Located in the Burzyansky region of Bashkiria, this cave attracts the attention of travelers throughout the tourist season. There is a lake in front of the cave, from which the river flows inside the cave. Diving enthusiasts, having received permission from the local administration, can explore the underwater part of the cave and the lake. The cave itself is very long and has 3 tiers, so it is not recommended to visit it without an accompanying person, as there were cases when tourists got lost in the rocks.

Gadelsha waterfall

The largest waterfall in the region, with 3 levels. Red Book plants grow along the shores of the waterfall. The nature is pristine and allows you to enjoy the sounds of falling water.

Blue Lake

There is a blue lake near the capital of Bashkortostan. The reservoir got its name due to the fact that there is blue clay at its bottom. The taste of the lake water is peculiar. Due to the large number of springs, the water temperature in the reservoir does not rise above 10 degrees. But there are daredevils who take water procedures to improve their health. Due to the fact that the water in the Blue Lake does not freeze all year round, you can swim in it even in winter.

Lake Aslykul

The largest lake in Bashkiria. Its depth exceeds 8 m. The water in the lake has a bitter taste due to the large amount of minerals. The lake itself is located in a mountainous area, which gives it a fabulous look. On the shores of the reservoir there are many tourist centers that allow you to relax in comfort. But you can organize your vacation yourself, setting up tents in quiet places hidden from prying eyes. Fishing lovers will not remain indifferent to the local fishing. The wooded area will allow you to pick up plenty of mushrooms and berries during the season.

Muradymovskoe gorge

The gorge consists of many caves, of which there are about 40 pieces. On the walls of the caves there are rock paintings and inscriptions that are about 10,000 years old. The gorge has the longest cave in the world, which is about 2 km long. At the bottom of the caves, you can find the kingdom of the snow queen. The ice caves are filled with ice, which gives the realization that somewhere around the corner is the throne of a fairytale heroine.

Monument to those killed in a railway accident

Near the Ulu-Telyak station, there is a memorial complex in honor of the passengers who died on two trains burned down by gas in a narrow gorge. This tragedy claimed the lives of more than 500 people traveling to the sea and returning home from vacation.

Pavlovka and Nugush

Artificially created reservoirs that attract tourists from all over the country. Recreation centers with comfortable conditions will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated tourist. The level of staff service here is at the highest level. Local guides will guide everyone along the famous routes. The main symbol of this region is the monastery.

Mount Aygir

In the Beloretsk region of the republic, there is the Karatysh ridge. It has 6 peaks and a length of about 17 km. Sharp rocks, reminiscent of dragon teeth. The ridge is wide enough to allow you to stay in the camp with an overnight stay. In the morning a beautiful view of the mountains of the southern Urals opens up.

Bashkir Shikhans

In the south of Ufa there are geological monuments. Shikhany near Sterlitamak are over 290 million years old. Shikhany remind that at the location of the river. Bashkortostan, there used to be a sea, and the hills themselves have traces of plants and animals of those times. Quarries are located on the site of some Shikhanov, since until recently they were used for mining for enterprises. But the last 2 Shikhans it was decided to preserve and create a natural monument.

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