Despite the closure of many countries to tourism, there are plenty of destinations for traveling with children. So that the trip does not turn into lost nerves, money and time, it is better to study the departure rules in advance …

What to do if one of the parents has put a ban on the child’s departure

First of all, you need to understand what a child’s travel ban is. In short, this is a travel restriction that can be imposed by one of the parents. In this case, the child will not be able to travel outside the Russian Federation with anyone. Even if you did not know that the ban on your child was imposed, it will be revealed at the border control.

To formalize the ban, a special application is submitted to the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of residence of either the parent or the child.

If the ban exists, then there is no point in trying to go abroad with the child – first, this restriction must be lifted. This can only be done by the parent who imposed it. Otherwise, the issue is resolved through the court, if there are good reasons.

The ban does not apply to traveling with a child across the territory of the Russian Federation.

When consent is required for a child to travel abroad

Consent is a document stating that parents do not object to their child’s travel outside Russia accompanied by other people. They can be relatives or any other person, for example, a coach. Also, such consent is required during the travel of the unaccompanied child.

Since July 1, 2021, a law has been signed stating that only one parent’s application is sufficient to obtain consent. A certain form of power of attorney is drawn up by a notary. The state duty will be 100 rubles plus notary services. You may also need a translation of the consent into a foreign language with an apostille stamp.

Consent-power of attorney can be issued for a certain period, to a certain country or countries, or only for one trip. In any case, the document is not indefinite.

During any trips of a child (including across Russia) with one of the parents, permission from the other is not required.

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