Many cities in the world today can envy such a small, at first glance, Italian city like Florence. Rest in Florence surprises many in that this city is one of the most sophisticated without huge noisy megacities, immense boutiques and various chic buildings.

What is the secret of the city?

How she got such love from tourists.

The oldest city in Italy

Holidays in Florence - Florence - the city of beautiful buildings
Florence – a city of beautiful buildings

One of the main reasons why a vacation in Florence remains such a popular travel destination today is the guarantee of a unique experience during your vacation in Italy. Here, both the wealthy and the more budget-minded tourist can experience all the sophistication of life.


Holidays in Florence - Restaurant overlooking the sea
Restaurant overlooking the sea

Local bars, cafes and restaurants are all designed for a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, local attractions also complement Florence well, giving it a unique flavor.


Palazzo Vecchio can rightfully be called one of these sights.… This architectural structure is considered one of the most famous in Florence. Today it serves the city as a town hall. Climbing to the top floor, everyone becomes motionless for at least five minutes. The reason for this is the incredible beauty of the landscape, which, fortunately or unfortunately, can only be admired from this town hall.

Palazzo Vecchio
Palazzo Vecchio

Another palazzo in Florence called Palazzo Pitti is considered no less beautiful. In addition to the beautiful architectural creation, anyone also has the opportunity to admire the beauty of the Boboli Gardens, which are located behind the attraction itself.

Churches in Florence

For those who like to visit buildings that are directly related to religion, we recommend visiting San Lorenzo. It is nothing more than the oldest church in Florence. It was founded back in 393. Although since then she has already gone through two reconstructions, her greatness has remained motionless.

San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo

You should also visit the Cathedral of St. Mark.… The peculiarity of this building is that it is executed in a Byzantine architectural style, which is quite rare in Western Europe. Indeed, the size and scope of the decor itself makes us wonder again and again at the possibilities of human zeal for aesthetic beauty.


For those who like to visit all kinds of galleries, we recommend taking a look at the Bargello. Today this building is one of the art museums in Florence. As surprising as it may sound, this house of art used to play the role of a barracks, and even a prison.

National Museum Bargello Museum
National Museum Bargello Museum

Whatever history has haunted Florence, it will always remain the center of high aristocratic beauty and sophistication.

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