Russia and Uzbekistan have a visa-free regime, which provides for a stay without a visa for 30 days. What else you need to know before the trip …

Confirmation of Antique Status

Confirmation of Antique Status

To enter Uzbekistan, you will need the result of a PCR test for coronavirus, made no later than three days before arrival. The test will have to be repeated within 7 days after arrival in the country.

How to get from Russia to Uzbekistan

How to get from Russia to Uzbekistan

Today, there is a direct flight connection between Russia and Uzbekistan – 4 flights a week are made from Moscow to Tashkent. It is only 5 km from the airport named after Karimov to the center of the capital. There is a tourist information service at the airport.

Flights are operated by Aeroflot and Uzbekistan Airways on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The cost of a one-way ticket starts at almost 7 thousand rubles. It is planned to restore the railway service soon.

Entry rules

Entry rules

The tourist needs to fill out a customs declaration (form T-6). However, when entering through an international airport, you can import duty-free goods worth up to $ 2,000. USA, through railway and river border points – up to 1000, through road or pedestrian – up to 300. In these cases, a “green corridor” is provided without filling out a declaration.

Cash currency can be imported in any quantity, having previously declared it.

Allowed (duty-free) quantity of some goods:

  • alcohol – 2 liters;
  • tobacco products – 10 packs;
  • alcohol-containing liquids – up to 3 bottles;
  • precious metals and jewelry with precious stones – up to 65 g.

The declaration is filled out in two copies, one of which is handed over, and the second must be kept with you during the entire period of stay in Uzbekistan.

Epidemiological safety measures

Epidemiological safety measures

After the restart of tourism in October 2020, antiquarian measures have been introduced in the country and protocols that comply with international standards are observed.

To comply with all measures taken against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the project “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED “, according to which all tourist sites and public places are obliged to comply with the uniform rules adopted in the pandemic.

Tourism facilities included in the health safety program must have a certificate that guarantees tourists compliance with all requirements, including:

  • the vehicle that meets tourists upon arrival must be disinfected and filled no more than 50% in compliance with the mask regime inside;
  • when entering a hotel or any public place, the traveler must measure the temperature and provide a sanitizer;
  • employees and service personnel must wear masks and gloves and have minimal contact with guests;
  • a social distance of at least 2 m must be observed, including between seating positions;
  • all public goods must be treated with antiseptics at least 2 times a day, sanitizers must be available in all public places.

Tour operators should draw up tourist routes in accordance with the recommendations of the Uzbek authorities and the list of safe sites compiled by the country’s Ministry of Health.

What happens if a tourist falls ill with covid while staying in Uzbekistan

In this case, compensation for treatment for coronavirus is provided – all sick foreign guests are compensated for treatment costs in the amount of up to $ 3,000. USA.

Safe tourism

Uzbekistan entered the top five safest countries for tourism according to the American Gallup Institute back in 2018. If you follow the basic rules and safety measures, there will be no problems during the trip.

If you still need help, you can call the police on the phone 102. There is also a tourist police department in Uzbekistan that monitors the order in the most popular tourist places in the country.

For emergency assistance to tourists, there is a single Call Center number 1173, created under the Department for Coordination of Safe Tourism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The call can be made from any region of Uzbekistan.

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