The heart of Catalonia, so multifaceted, wayward, combining beach holidays, nightlife, historical sights, great cuisine and beautiful landscapes. We tell you what Barcelona is for children: what to do so that neither you nor your kids are bored!

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona

One of the largest aquariums in Europe! Of course, it will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults to observe sea inhabitants.

The main feature is the shark tunnel.

The Barcelona Aquarium is located near the Barceloneta metro station. After visiting the aquarium, you can walk along the embankment with your kids.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Features: the park is located on a hill above the city and has wonderful panoramic views for instagram photos. Another highlight is the old-style Ferris wheel, on which you can not only admire Barcelona, ​​but also catch a note of nostalgia. Also, puppet shows and fire shows are constantly held here. You can tickle your nerves in the “House of Horrors”. The most convenient way to get from the center is by shuttle. Amusement parks in Barcelona – idea for a day out!

Citadel Park

You can chat with the smaller brothers at the Barcelona Zoo, located on the territory, as well as visit the magnificent dolphin show. The park is divided into zones with small islands. Don’t forget to grab your map at the entrance to plan your route, as you will meet 325 species of animals!

CosmoCaixa Science Museum

Where to go with children in Barcelona so that it is not only fun, but also informative? To the Science Museum! Here natural phenomena are easily explained: the structure of the earth’s crust, the scheme of the formation of tornadoes and volcanic eruptions. There are also interactive areas with the ability to experiment.

Magic Fountain (Font Mágica)

Dedicate a free evening in Barcelona to watch the beautiful fountain! The play of light and music – here both children will like it, and will set their parents in a romantic mood.

Park Guell

Admire the architecture of Gaudí as you walk the winding paths of the famous park. Children will appreciate the bizarre outlines of the buildings, while adults will be interested in touching the history.

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Maritime museum

A very atmospheric museum that will immerse sailors in the world: you can learn how to control sails, look into the far corners of historic ships, see with your own eyes one of the first submarines. Hey, on the rumba, full speed ahead!

Barcelona beaches

Entertainment in Barcelona with children is not only about sightseeing and sightseeing trips. Why not spend a day or two lounging on the beach? The wide coastline, white sand, lifeguards and many nearby establishments are a great idea for a lazy sunny day!

Catalunya en Miniature

The fascinating Catalonia in Miniature Park is located just 12 kilometers from Barcelona. Here are collected small copies of the main attractions, mini-trains run between them. The exposition is interactive: when you press special buttons in the park, you can launch planes, “lower” skiers off the slopes and much more.

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Center of Barcelona

You can combine a holiday in Barcelona with children and shopping by going along the walking trail from the Rambla. There are many attractions, shops and shopping centers, cafes and restaurants. From here you can go down to the Colombo monument (by the way, there is the Maritime Museum, which we talked about above).

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