One of the largest cities in the U.S., Buffalo is a great place to hang out and travel. It is located in a picturesque area near the famous Niagara Falls, a border city whose “neighbor” is Canada’s Fort Erie. What you can do there and what to see, we will tell you in our article.

Why such a name?


Buffalo means “bison” in English. Yes, there may have been bison in the area at one time or another. But the city was not named after them. It was named after Buffalo Creek, which was the full name of the city, and over time it was shortened simply to Buffalo. And here’s why the river is called that, let’s sort it out. Some argue that it was so named by the tribes of the Neutral Indians. Other researchers are unanimous in the opinion that the name of the city was given by the first settlers from France, seeing a lot of buffalo on the banks of the river. They called the area “Beau Fleuve,” which in French meant “beautiful river. But the Americans distorted the pronunciation and got “Buffalo”. Well, this version is more likely and more beautiful.

What is famous for Buffalo?


First of all Buffalo is known for its location. After all, just twenty-five kilometers from the city is the natural wonder of the world, Niagara Falls. This was the city where the world’s first skyscraper was built. It was here that streetlights were first lit and electricity was introduced to the streets, bringing the streetcar into operation. Here Nikola Tesla first demonstrated a working prototype of an electric car, and Mark Twain wrote his famous novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Buffalo was the first place in the world to have a grain elevator. And, of course, we haven’t forgotten Buffalo’s signature dish – the fried chicken wings in chili sauce that have become world-famous.



The traveler will be curious about Buffalo’s main tourist neighborhoods. Many entertainment venues, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, antique stores and flea markets can be found in the Allentown neighborhood. If you are an avid shopaholic, you must go to North Buffalo with its multitude of malls and private shops run by Italians. It is also home to Italian pizzerias and cafeterias. That’s why many call this neighborhood “little Italy”.

Of course, like any American metropolis, it is not without Downtown with offices and modern business centers. It’s bustling and crowded during the day, but when work ends, people rush through the bedroom communities and suburbs, and the downtown area is quiet. The southern neighborhoods are lined with private mansions, Irish-style restaurants, and wide boulevards. It, the neighborhood, looks more like northern Europe, like Ireland.

Buffalo Cuisine Features


Our traveler will be comfortable vacationing in Buffalo and there will be no problems with food at all. The cuisine of the city is very similar to European cuisine: they like to cook seafood, Italian pastas, pizzas, vegetable salads, various porridges, goulash, the famous chicken wings. There are many bakeries and pastry shops in the city, you will be satisfied with the assortment.


Inhabitants of the city definitely go for lunch. And also prefer a late lunch (after 17:00), seamlessly passing into dinner. Coffee has a slightly different taste than what we’re used to. But if you want to have a glass of wine in the cafe in the daytime, it will be a problem: alcoholic beverages are sold only in the evening.

Urban Architecture

Buffalo’s urban architecture is quite different from that of European cities. Local architects developed their own construction strategy.


Each building in Buffalo is a true masterpiece. For example, the House of Prudence in Palazzo Style is the first high-rise building in the country, built back in 1894 (Chicago skyscrapers were built according to this project).


The very beautiful City Hall is very similar to the “Stalinist classicism” buildings. It was built in 1934 and is an apotheosis of early 20th century urbanism.


You will undoubtedly pay attention to the Liberty Building. It is the headquarters of Liberty Bank. On top of the building are two statues of Liberty.


In Lafayette Square there are several architectural structures. So, here is one of the tallest buildings in the city – Rand, as well as the column “To the Soldiers and Sailors” – heroes of the Civil War. In 1920 in Buffalo was built Energy Tower – Energy Building. Several times a year its spires are illuminated in different colors. And it is guarded by the guardian of the American Revolution.


Many tourists think that this building is a temple of some kind (because of the golden dome), or at least a theater. But we will disappoint you: it is a bank building. Very spectacular and beautiful.


Where to go and what to see in the city?

For art lovers, head to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. A $12 admission ticket to the gallery and you’ll see a huge collection of Impressionist works and works of art by contemporary artists.

Buffalo Botanical Garden


Make a visit to the Botanical Garden a must. First, the greenhouse building itself is an example of 19th-century engineering. And second, you’ll be amazed by the park’s stunning specimens of rare plants.

Buffalo, Naval Museum


For boys and young men, a visit to the Buffalo Naval Museum will be educational. There are no signs that say “no touching with hands!”, you can touch all the items, walk past the deck guns of the cruiser Little Rock, walk the eerie corridors of the submarine, and look at historical artifacts and archival documents and photos.

Buffalo, HSBC Arenajpg


Don’t you love hockey? Once you visit the HSBC Ice Arena, where the Buffalo Sabres’ crowd favorites chase the puck, see a hockey game, and hear the famous hockey tunes, you’ll fall in love with the game forever. And the Arena also hosts competitions in the old-timey game of lacrosse (something in common between hockey and soccer) and music concerts.

Buffalo, Shea’s Theater Center


For theater and music lovers, we recommend a visit to Shea’s Theater Center. It often hosts a variety of contemporary productions as well as touring Broadway musicals, international stars with concerts and shows – the most dynamic place in the region.

Buffalo, Darien Lake Park

Thrill seekers are advised to head to Darien Lake Park, a place of rides and carousels, entertainment and adrenaline rush.

Buffalo, Letchworth State Park


Didn’t have time to visit the Grand Canyon, don’t feel bad. Here you’ll find a world hidden from the uninitiated – Letchworth State Park, a nature park with waterfalls and rocky bluffs. Dress warm and pack a picnic.

Buffalo, Seneca Niagara Casino


If you want to get rich, poker, roulette, and oughters await you at the Seneca Niagara. Run by the local Native American Seneca Nation.

Shopaholics also have a place to go


Buffalo’s largest mall is the Walden Galleria. You’ll find stores representing world-renowned brands, including not only clothing and shoes, but also Apple Mac electronics stores. Niagara Fashion Outlets sell designer wear and outlets, as well as chain stores. And the Clarence location is home to the city’s flea markets and automotive showrooms of the world’s engine market manufacturers.

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